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As I get older and finish more games from my backlog, more and more I appreciate a tidy handful of hours telling a streamlined story. It feels great to feasibly finish a game in one sitting and have a whole experience, and Firewatch provides exactly that. While you do have player choice that ultimately doesn't change the story, I like how the choices color your emotional experience with the main character without interfering with the A-plot. Having all of the interactivity of the game be completely diegetic was a fantastic design choice that helps you feel immersed in the world at all times. Pulling a map out in front of you and unfolding it while listening to the conversation on your walkie feels like you're really out there.

beautiful game. like, I could walk around shoshone national forest for hours just taking it all in. compelling use of an unreliable companion character and one of my favorite intros to a game ever.

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