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fuck my dad
(remembers greek mythology)
wait, no, nOT LIKE THAT

a game that has a lot of heart and incredible ideas that you ultimately don't have to interact with a lot. the jankiness and bad translation give the game a lot of charm as well, which makes up a bit for the issues like long load times and frame rate problems.

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i would have played this game a LOT earlier if someone would have told me about GOTH PEACH!!!

every good thing about games is hidden somewhere in moon. profoundly ahead of its time in 1997 and still just as relevant in 2020.

the closest thing to the "Screenwriter's Handbook" that videogames will ever have

a game so confident in its players AND itself that i finished the game without ever using or learning multiple helpful techniques and i still had an incredible time

i enjoyed my time with this game for the most part. it definitely is one act too long, has some issues with over-tutorialization, and could have benefited from less focus on the combat, but overall i had a nice time. i like the abundance of coins they give you as an option to skip most combat encounters entirely. this game feels like it's being pulled in two different directions of wanting to be too similar to it's pure RPG predecessors and also wanting to abandon them entirely to just be an adventure game, and that's grating at times.

incredible as a narrative on games as art, difficulty, the digital medium of language and creation, authorship, and finding comfort in trash and frustration.

the anti-Celeste: a game about climbing a mountain with no way to adjust the difficulty, no special abilities, no one around to help you, stripped down to only the game, your hand, and your will.

i understand if the gameplay is not for you, but it's also an incredible speedgame, look it up.

someone should give Robert Yang $10,000,000 to make a game

every cutscene in this game shows that Captain Falcon isn't a super strong, intelligent hero but instead a bumbling himbo who happens to just keep winning races, and it rules

it's a JRPG that helps you get swole as hell with a cool rhythm game in it. if you don't think that's tight, idk what else to say, game slaps.

215 hours of play time in:
it's not my favorite Animal Crossing, but it's still great. there are as many good, large changes as there are small, baffling ones.

in 2019, we got two games that i see as the Evolution of Walking Simulators. one of them is this game, a game-ified, yet still very simple, walking sim built around actions/exploring with light collection elements that emphasizes taking your time. the other one is Death Stranding.

a pretty neat (but standard) collectathon platformer, but the art and sound direction brings it up a level. the soundtrack to this game is one of the best of all time.

i would die for every character in this game