An incredible arena fighter that actually has a deep meta?! Say it ain't so! Fortunately it is so, MBON is like if devs actually wanted to make an arena fighter that actually feels good to play. With a ridiculous amount of unique mobile suits to play (200 as of XBoost, compared to the measly 90 in Smash Bros. Ultimate), as well as an easy to get but hard to master control scheme emphasizing movement tech and ranged combat, this neutral-heavy and competitively viable fighting game doesn't nearly get the attention it truly deserves.

Autistic people really can bunnyhop backwards.

Objectively the best way to experience STALKER (until STALKER 2 comes out). Take the Call of Pripyat engine and make a standalone game where everything is modular.

I IMPLORE anybody with a homebrewed 3DS or PlayStation 3 to get this game, because it is just so much genuine fun. A spin-off of the short lived Lost Planet franchise, it features series staples such as survival on a frozen planet and an endless onslaught of alien insects known as the Akrid, but the anime bullshit is cranked up to 500. As if the first two games weren't hammy enough, EX Troopers leaves them in the dust by codefiying itself in anime. The gameplay isn't the same as the first two Lost Planet games, due to the absence of actually piloting Vital Suits, as well as the lack of vertical mobility, but it makes up for it with snappy and satisfying arcade shooting with a simple to learn gameplay loop. The plot itself is also anime as fuck, even if it does play it safe compared to other anime games. The plot takes heavy cues from shonen heavyhitters such as Naruto, Soul Eater, and Bleach, as well as mecha such as Eureka Seven and Mobile Fighter G Gundam, where the main protagonist Bren Turner enters an academy dedicated to training soldiers to become part of NEVEC, the corporate conglomerate responsible for colonization on EDN III. As he enters the academy, he sets his sights on becoming the best at the academy, earning both the awe and ire of his peers, and causing friends of all kinds to surround him as he makes his way to the top, all the while uncovering a more sinister plot behind the events occurring at the academy. Despite its simplicity, it's very enjoyable to sit through and the Japanese voice acting does wonders to bring the vibrant characters alive. There's also a high quality fan localization out right now (available here: that translates everything into English from its original language in Japanese, and even if you can't go through the effort to patch a 3DS game cartridge or PS3 Blu-Ray disc, there is .cia files for Citra and a ROM for RPCS3 available so you can put the patch over it, and experience the game for yourself on PC. I highly recommend you do whatever it takes to play this game, because it was a sorely missed opportunity on Capcom's part, and it will be a missed opportunity on your part too if you don't.

Brilliant story, as well as a satisfying gameplay loop for a hack n slash made by a western studio, but Jesus fuck the difficulty makes me want to kill myself.
Fun fact: The sex minigame at the beginning gives you red orbs. Have fun :P

Dying Light 2's biggest flaw is that Dying Light 1 already exists. Dying Light 2 feels like a hollow shell of what Dying Light 1 is, except in a bigger and emptier map, and with much less combat variety than the original game.

A rarity in the zombie apocalypse game genre, Dying Light absolutely SHINES in terms of its gameplay and presentation. "You don't like slow movement and dry gameplay progression? Well how bout doing parkour across the city?" Fuck yes. Dying Light absolutely prides itself on its compelling parkour system that puts you on the edge constantly, forcing you to run away from everything in your sight and take a tactical approach to every combat encounter. The story sucks, but hey, that's every zombie game. And Dying Light isn't just any ordinary zombie game.

I am really going to get a lot of hate for this, but I really don't think the Last of Us is hot shit to be honest. Much like every other zombie apocalypse game ever made, the Last of Us is a game about surviving in a dead and dreary post-apocalyptic America where everyone is varying levels of psychopathic, except now its a dude and some teenage girl killing everyone and everything in their sight instead of a generic group of survivors. The gameplay is solid, but The Last of Us feels like a checkbox of every deplorable zombie apocalypse trope possible. The Last of Us Part II on the other hand...

A masterpiece of a game that greatly builds upon the previous one in both gameplay and plot, featuring smoother controls as well as a fine-tuned First Person View allowing for more accurate aiming and less wasted shots. The story, and the game itself in general if you really think about it, is a massive fucking trip where Raiden is basically trolled by everyone AND everything, allowing for the story to make a poignant statement about the threat of misinformation in the modern world, a statement that still holds true even more so today, in our current Trump-era political landscape.

A half-baked Breath of the Wild knockoff knocked up with every conceivable predatory microtransaction feature possible. The result is an absolute abomination of a community.

An overall solid, albeit generic shooter experience. The campaign did a good job at taking hallmarks of classic Modern Warfare and making it more... realistic, I guess. Multiplayer is the best in the franchise bar-none. Warzone is also great, since it's a slice of Call of Duty mixed with free-to-play battle royale not unlike that of Fortnite.