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I have a dream that one day my children will not be judged based off the color of their leaves but the quality of their dandori

You guys spent $70 on Bad Piggies

Okay, you can't dress Link up like a girl in this one. But a cutscene of him being grabbed by mechanical tentacles happens multiple times and that's probably the next best thing for you people.

Link tearing through the lands of Hyrule on the shit that killed Shinzo Abe

if i was a ghost i would keep ringing the doorbell because i am a pranker

Without this we wouldn't have Ultrakill

never played this but why did the guy on the cover die so sluttily

I am going to use Garrett's mechanical eye as a tennis ball

you don't have the right, o you don't have the right
therefore you don't have the right, by the way you don't have the right

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