Capcom blended the classic with the contemporary - much like with their RE2R and RE3R releases. The gameplay feels familiar yet refreshing, making it an overall fun and difficult experience. Both long-time fans and newcomers will appreciate this title for sure. A well-executed nod to a beloved title.

Amazing how a game can tell such a heartwarming story with absolutely no dialogue. The artwork is beautiful, and the music pairs with the style of gameplay perfectly.

The most slappin' soundtrack to any game ever.

Going into this, I thought it would be a cover-based third-person shooter. Unfortunately after playing through the entire game, I may have used the cover mechanics as many times as I have fingers on a single hand.
This is more of a chaotic, "bullet spray the horde of incoming aliens" fast-paced, non-strategic shooter while attempting to masquerade itself as a cover-based game. Additionally, the lack of "leveled up" items to be found are incredibly scarce, and the skill system was most certainly an afterthought.
All in all, it's a game with no redeeming or memorable qualities with a non-existent story, but has just enough of a fun factor that you might find yourself wanting to play through it - after that though, it's surely going on the shelf.