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this is so boring, which is the last thing you should be able to say about a game where you're a hulking beefcake american footballing into even uglier beefcakes, hollering macho quips, and lancing thru high definition bugmeat. the rifles are so limp they need to Ask Their Doctor. the gimmick stages feel like someone gave half life 2 truck nuts. hit reactions? more like shit reactions

I'm starting to disassociate any time an "e-hole" or turret segment pops up. I'm floating on the ceiling watching myself wonder how I ever thought this flavourless whac-a-mole sludge was a good time. my body is revolting against the nauseating fov, motion blur, and shaky cam, and I deserve it. it's my own fault

I'm gonna go lay down now. wake me up when someone puts cliffy b in the sharpshooter til he shits his pants

still not any closer to finding out why crazy frog has a human penis

this particular brand of post apocalypse is so much more interesting to me than the hyper editorialized bolted down and uglified (or beautified) modes these things usually operate in. deliberately crafted, but with an uncommon blandness that elevates it by being something you can actually relate to and identify as an offshoot of real urban decay and material suffering. beneath all the meteors, giants, and militarized geists wearing shawls of human skin there's a mundane depiction of decline that closer resembles rotting manufacturing cities than any of the bullshit where everyone's living in houses without roofs or giraffes are posing for instagram selfies

also very funny at times. the contrast of a death toll well into the billions (eventually being concluded as "UNCOUNTABLE") with the relative normalcy of the suburban neighborhood you open the game in is just perfect. all these Probably NIMBYs cowering like they'd been thinkin they'd ride this whole thing out and then get back to golf or whatever middle class freaks do. yeah they got the public park turned cemetery nearby, but the status quo still in sight!!! we're all gonna make it!!! obama third term!!!! and then you get to the city proper, and man, things a lot different when you're not hermetically sealed in the cul de sac

it's cool that they didn't give a shit about making Shooter Levels and instead just made places and walled them all off with bright RED/BLUE/GREEN/YELLOW barriers you need to blast giant floating brainmen ("walnuts") to bypass. I also don't give a shit about them making Shooter Levels, so this aligns with my preferences very well. keep the gas stations, supermarkets, warehouses, and plazas coming

mostly wanted to say the stuff in the first couple paragraphs but I'll add that "maxwell cougar" is a great dumb ass name, the destructibility's excellent, alicia SMOKES bayonetta, and I'm a big fan of the worm men and screamers

good stuff, can't wait to live thru it all firsthand