for a game about player freedom it sure loves to take it away when the designers think you're doing it wrong.

i genuinely cannot tell you why you just gotta play it

I was going to make a joke post and say "Girls really do be going through it" but. Man. I didn't expect this to leave me bawling at the end. Nor how well directed and written it was.
The plot being layers of symbolism about the self destructive nature of love and not letting go. The oppressiveness of sacrificing freedom for security where even feeling too much is considered destructive to the balance of things. It all hit me pretty hard at this point in my life.
All of it presented in a tight, mechanically focused survival horror game where the oppressiveness is felt even down to how your inventory works. This game is an all timer.
So yeah. Girls really do be going through it.

No amount of patches will not make this cyberlib 2077

it has an exciting setup and is so close to being something worthwhile but its too hung up on replicating the same open world formula

turns out the best way to up the sales of your generic mid uwu RPG is to just say some insanely bigoted bullshit

pure post 9/11 psychosis. brilliant

Dogshit controls, game has 20 menus to get anything done and the UI is unhelpful
perfect don't change a thing this fucking whips

its like one of those new bloods game mashups but actually a good game

the virgin irony poisoned watch dogs 2 hater vs the chad watch dogs 2 appreciator

i forgot to write a review for this or log when i finished this and that should honestly tell you everything. yawn

i forgot video games could be funny and now I know video games just aren't funny now

is the new bloods' entire business model looking at old good games and thinking what if we made a bad version of this.

i forgot video games from japan could be interesting and weird after playing elden ring but then ghostwire happened and i remembered that hidetaka miyazaki is just a coward virgin whos embarassed about being japanese. based shinji for making a interactive tour guide spellcasting sim. I hope he never stops running circles around these hacks.

miyazaki: get this, between all the good parts of dark souls you are forced to engage with a dogshit ubisoft open world