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i've spent WAY too much time on this game. i'm talking, a couple weeks ago i had to set a 2 and a half hour limit per DAY. which must mean it's doing something right? but uh, i think it is unhealthy for me to keep this on my phone anymore :p
doesn't help of course that it's incredibly pay to win. there are still so many deck archetypes that i just can't play cause i don't have the cards that would make them viable. not to mention how fucking EXPENSIVE the variants can be.
fun enough. i liked collecting every squirrel girl variant i could find. and i may come back for a few matches every now and then (on pc this time). but if i'm honest, i do not think i will miss this game very much :p

needed a break from story-heavy games and this definitely fit the bill. it's fun! extremely frustrating at times (kelp forest i'm looking at you) but it didn't detract from the experience too much.
do think it's a bit strange that there weren't any levels or boss fights where you play as all 3 characters. feels like a missed opportunity! esp w every boss having 3 stages
overall tho i had a good time! short and sweet

game made with the single goal of stealing away as much of your time as it possibly can.