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where gerda's story splits your limited time and resources between 4 vastly different parties, liva's hones in on one group specifically - her small band of revolutionaries - and i think it is all the stronger for it.
in gerda's story, you begin wanting to make time for everyone, but it quickly becomes apparent that you don't have enough time for that, and so you begin to prioritize those you want to aid the most (in my case, liva and esther). however, because this lesson is learned so quickly, its ending, wherein you are once again forced to choose between those 4 parties, feels anticlimactic. i already made my choice 2 hours ago! it feels like all those choices i had made didn't matter, because i could spend all my time with reinhardt (barf why would i ever) and still choose to let him get arrested at the end.
liva's story, in comparison, is much more concise. you are the leader of the resistance, and so your central choices are all going to revolve around the resistance. will you help a man who has been wrongfully arrested by the gestapo for protesting unfair work conditions, even if it means abandoning your opportunity to get crucial intel from the enemy? will you eliminate the target you have been given by the freedom council, or will you ignore those orders to kill the man that had killed, tortured and sold out your people?
this conciseness really makes it feel that everything that unfolds is a direct impact of the choices you make. i did help out that gestapo prisoner, and lost a comrade and his wife because of it. i chose to kill that snake toft, and the target i was given got away as a result.
these choices, all of which were extremelyyy difficult for me, made the final scene hit so much harder. talking to my comrades, all of whom seem worse off as a result of my actions. it leaves you with a feeling of helplessness that, despite its efforts, gerda's story just couldn't
it may sound from this review that i didn't enjoy gerda's story, but actually, i loved it. so much so that i immediately made a friend start playing so i could watch her play and hear her thoughts on the choices. it is simply for me that this managed to hit even harder, to exceed all expectations i could put on a project published by don't nod. it certainly helps that it focused on my favorite character (a jazz loving twenty something turned leader of a communist movement?? fuck yes that rocks). but they managed to take that amazing character and put her in a situation where she is wholly in charge of her team's future. and agh, what a scary future it is

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it's all fun and games until the soup...

i'm so easy to please. literally just give me little outfits to wear and people to show them off to. that's literally all i need <3

20 minutes or so into a run, fully modded out, i set my phone down to use the bathroom. when i got back i was still at full health
being invincible got old pretty fast :p

did not need a story lol. karate man returns fucks ❣️

the hangover: a telltale series
.... i want a sequel :/

last time i liked it a lot less but this time joy loves me so <333

sometimes i play mario 64 and i think "god, what an incredible game. this truly changed the industry forever. such a monumental achievement." other times i play mario 64 and think "man fuck this snowman."

very cute little game :) and educational! i learned so much within the short hour and a half i played it, from all the processes that go into embalming and cremating, to the environmental impact of these, to greener alternatives that i never knew about, such as water cremation (which saves 66% electricity and reduces carbon dioxide emissions by 90% compared to regular flame cremation)! also, it is very decidedly anti-capitalist, which is always a big plus in my book hehe.
the thing i think i found most helpful about this game though is the "death-positive" spin it takes. to get personal for a moment, death has always been something that terrifies me. it is a very large source of my anxiety.
this game doesn't force you to be death-positive. many people you speak to in the game will be devastated by the loss of their loved ones. articles you read will remind you that, while you aren't personally tied to any of the deceased people, this is a traumatic time for the families and friends, and there are protocols to take to best offer your condolences.
however, the way the main protagonists speak about the topic is really refreshing. they try to show us that death doesn't have to be a terrifying thing, that in some cultures it is celebrated with song and dance. that the purpose of life isn't death... it's life! it's about making real connections with people, taking steps to live the life you want to (even if that means risking stability), and, hopefully, doing your best to leave this world a better place than you found it.
i highly recommend giving this game a try, obviously! it's very very wholesome :)

ryuji. bro. i love you, but you gotta quiet down about being a phantom thief in the middle of a CROWDED SUBWAY STATION 😩

the verdict is in. i'm a thembo

unravel's gameplay frustrated me a handful of times, and there were definitely times where i was only continuing so that i could take it off the backlog, but i have to admit. it got me in the end.
the story really snuck up on me! so heartfelt and touching. the music and settings and photography were stunning. some of the puzzles were tedious, but others felt so creative and fresh
i doubt i'll ever revisit this game, but i don't regret playing it at all :)

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"there's so much more, my love.
just you wait."
when a game comes along with a concept as silly as this, the best thing it can do is take itself seriously.
this is such a sweet, emotionally intelligent game. in the three times i finished it (one for each room), i was greeted with such thoughtful stories of love, loss, and starting over (with a brief foray into bank robbery, because if someone asks you to do crime, you simply don't say no <3).
incredibly sweet, incredibly funny. i'm so glad i played this

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who do you blame for misfiling a memory
this was beautiful