wasn’t as good as I remember it

It is one of the most unique games I’ve ever played

This game is ass, i’m sorry. Going from the 2022 one to this was JARRING 😭

i unironically love this game, very romantic !!

The camera is really annoying but other than that, the game is great :)

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This game is the only reason I still have my 3DS, that and ORAS (I guess) lol.

Unintentionally hilarious. I can see a look of time went into making this, cutscenes, art, the game itself looks really good. I kinda feel bad for only rating it 2.5

I remember hating this game when I was younger because it wasn’t the typical FNAF game, but idk I replayed it recently and I actually kinda enjoyed it :)

I will not cry I will not cry I will not cry I will not cry I will not cry

My old review was kinda cringey but this is my favorite FNAF fangame, not so much for the gameplay but I really like the story

The pixel art is really neat but the vampire fight is RIGGED

Was he called Baldi because he’s bald or is he bald because he’s called Baldi?