4rodreactor% run this game as engineer for awesomeness

lol i got beat to death for asking my mom for money twice in a row

i had more trouble dealing with falling through the floor due to bad clipping than the actual enemy encounters, feels like giving up on my kid man

everyone in this game should stop talking

if i saw link in real life i would wait for him to walk by a puddle of water then drive really fast, comically splashing him (in my 1959 green flame print chevrolet impala low rider of course) he would then throw all his rupees in the air and say "COME ON!! CAN THIS DAY GET ANY WORSE!??"

mid puzzle game but its fun messing around in as a kid. also the tf2 maxwell promo hat goes unfathomably hard so big ups for that

play tf2 instead of oppa gundam style

i opened this and instantly closed it without reading it just to kill the ugly smug fucker on the cover. was fucking awesome and id do it again, easy frag noob learn to dodge

heavy from tf2 solos every character in this game