ok i played like 3 levels charming but got bored

Fun remake with a lot of good changes from the original. The post game is cool but it feels really grindy to gain levels and gummis so I gave up.

Worst of the trilogy. Combat, areas, and story so boring I couldn't even force myself to finish it. What happened?

it is okay but kirby is too slow for me

A really good upgrade to an already great game. Luigi is the most fun character to play as, got all the green stars and stamps and beat Champion's Road. Bowser's Fury is just a worse feeling Odyssey, didn't even get 20 shines.

Better than the other installments but I never beat it, got bored like with the rest.

Cute and Funny.
Decent game that becomes very easy with broken spells.

I played this game so fucking much as a kid I don't even remember if it was good but I remember it being fun so I'll give it a decent score

Decent enough for a humble beginning

very pretty, decent gameplay, fun music

beat 1 story and had enough, frantic mode is too broken