Metroid is fantastic, just like a lot of other games, this one goes back to its roots, to the genre that this series along eith Castlevania created: Metroidvania. In recent years, this genre has grown a lot, especially with great indie games like Hollow Knight. Funnily enough, the creators of this genre kind of dissappeared, the Metroid series doesn't receive as much games as Mario or Pokemon, and the few that are released are from the prime series, which are not close to a 2D metroidvania. The last 2D Metroid gane was Samus Returns, which was a 2017 remake, but just as the name says, Samus returns!, after some years, Samus is back with a new 2D metroidvania and it is everything you can expect from it. The game is a classic metroidvania, and the exploration feels as good as ever, along with a good gameplay, bosses and atmosphere. The enemies not only have great designs, but are unique in different ways, especially the bosses which are really distinctive and do not only demand you to shoot. On top of that, the E.M.M.I. manage to captura that "dread" atmosphrre, and everytime you have to face one there really is a lot of tension, just trying to escape from one of them is like a horror game. Metroid Dread is everythung you could hope for, havung great enemies and bosses, with a greta explorarion, that feels really rewarding and makes you want to come back to places that you have visited before and the atmosphere is at its best with the addition of the E.M.M.I.

Elden Ring is the comeback of FromDoftware to its roots, making another game following the rules, gameplay and difficulty that Demon's Souls created, and improving on them just like the Dark Souls series and Bloosborne did. Elden Ring brings new stuff to the series, but still feels pretty simar and not something really innovative, but that isn't something bad, because this is souls in kts pure form, doing the same things that the other games did to become so memorable, but bringing in the open world, making the game feel bigger that any other souls game, though this world is kind of empty at times, which again, its not something bad, because it brings the feeling of loneliness and decay that the world of the game wants to bring, making the atmosphere feel really unique, just like Demon's Souls did, following the example of Ueda's idea of simplicity, which can be seen in his creations, ICO, Shadow of the Colossus and The Last Guardian. On the other hand, because it is an open world, the quality of the game changes quite drastically sometimes: you can fight one of the best bosses in any souls, and then, when exploring, you find a boring reskin of an early boss, or worst, a really simple and terrible boss fight. While Miyazaki is a genius, he still makes mistakes and one of them is with the quantity of bosses, because just like in Dark Souls 2 (a game he didn't direct), there are a lot of bosses (especially considering its an open world game), and a lot of them are pretty lame and sometimes just reskins of other bosses, or a boss you akready fought but this time 2 of them. Cobtrary to that, it still has some quality bosses, especifically the ones from the main story, having the same quality as Dark Souls 3 and Bloodborne, most of them being fast paced. And as always, the story and lore are really mysterious and gets more interestung while you play it. In general, Elden Ring doesn't change much from its predecessors, but the open world really adds to the experience, you can expect the same stuff as any other FromSoftware game, high difficulty, excellent bosses, great soundtrack, interesting lore, exciting boss fights, memorable places and a really great game

In a world where a lot of the online games are super competitive shooters, Fall Guys appears to stick to the basics of a party game but this time online, having fun. Fall Guys is areally fun game, especially with friends, even more fun when all your friends play in the same living room in different consoles now that it is free to play. It is a battle royale but with party games, which makes it really interesting, but some mini games are better than others. On top of that, almost ebery week and dayz there is a new show or event to play which makes the game less repetitive. Also, the collabs are really cool, but now that it is f2p, these skins have a price. Finally, there is seasonal content, with every new season there are new levels, shows, skins, etc., and soon, the game will have its own level creator.