my mom used to tell me that if i played too many video games i would lose my imagination. she was right.
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Now this is a VIDEO. GAME.
FromSoftware does it again. The combat is incredibly challenging, but once you engage with all of its systems it becomes very rewarding and satisfying. Almost everything has a counter, whether that is via play-style and/or changing up your mech's build. Boss has a big shield? Use vertical missile shoulder mounts. Boss is hounding you with homing missiles from a distance? Use a nimble reverse-jointed mech with a laser sword and don't let up on your unrelenting attack.
Also, the stagger system is just feels so damn good.
The only bad thing I can say about it is that Easy Anti-Cheat seems like a necessary evil for anything with competitive online multiplayer. As someone who doesn't play online, I wish I could disable it.
Aside from the Easy Anti-Cheat, AC6 marks FromSoft's first PC release that doesn't feel like a compromised version compared to consoles. 16:10 is supported, 120 FPS is supported, and the Mouse+Keyboard controls clearly got some love because they feel great (and I'm not one of those sickos who plays Dark Souls with M+KB).

I recall saying "I can't do this anymore" to my screen and then uninstalling after 5 hours of gameplay.

I find the game to be very ugly. The color palette is too dark and overly saturated, the character portraits are amateurish, and the saturday-morning-cartoon-style cutscenes look rushed. I also dislike the false-nostalgia pixel art that seems to be popular right now (Chained Echoes' style being a very similar example).
The general advertising material is seemingly intended to appeal to queer folks which is quite the left-turn from the edgelord Jordan Peterson and "did you just assume my" jokes in their previous game, The Messenger. I know that the Creative Director of Sabotage studios has since renounced Jordan Peterson, but the "did you just assume my" jokes go unaddressed. Is he sorry, or sorry he got caught? You do the math.
The music is amazing, and the combat is a derivative Mario RPG-like that is pretty good.