um it fucking sucked?

i know it had to start somewhere and there's a novelty in seeing the earlier forms of so many of my favorite fighting game characters but holy shit. it's a wonder that any of these fighting game series became so big and are kicking today seeing how some of these earliest games are, even accounting for the time of release.

i love how this has a massive roster (for a first game in a new series) but there's shared moves and voice overs all over the place. there's not really any characters i would've removed but i'm glad pretty much everyone came into their own after this. it was a bit bleak here lmao.

Reviewed on May 25, 2022


1 month ago

tell me about it man, i dont think theres a single fighting game franchise out there with a good first entry. at least we have those funny gifs of kazuya smiling and king being surrounded by blue screened orphans

1 month ago

Hmm of the classic fighting game series, I'd say Darkstalkers and Samurai Showdown have relatively good first entries. But yeah it's pretty wild looking back at the (mostly bad) origins of flagship franchises

1 month ago

sure but i wouldnt say darkstalkers and samurai shodown are in the same league as Tekken or Street Fighter culturally