If you're looking for a 3D puzzle game like The Room, a game I haven't played but seen The House of Da Vinci compared to many times, then this game should definitely be on your radar.
You play as an apprentice of Da Vinci's, who has left you notes that describe his suspicions regarding being in danger. You must use his inventions and your wits to solve many different puzzles in different locations to find out more about why Da Vinci is suspicious, who might want to harm him and what you can do to help. The story bits are mostly told in scrolls and very short cutscenes after each level, but those do provide some nice motivation to see each level through, though I'd say you'll either stay for the puzzles themselves or not at all.
The puzzles for the most part range from very easy to medium/high difficulty. Until the final level, I needed to make use of hints only once and I wouldn't say I'm above average in puzzle solving. The problems for me came in the final level, where the game not only felt like it overstayed its welcome, but more and more puzzles appeared to have random solutions to them. That might also be a result of wanting to see it through quickly at the end, so I can't say this is definitely the case.
But again, for the most part, you're looking to solve puzzles by working on one thing, grabbing an item to help you complete another thing, and doing this a bunch of times until the door to the next room opens. It's a fun loop and the atmosphere and surprisingly nice looking textures do put you into the right kind of mood for this game.
If you enjoy puzzle games like this, I'd say this should be high on your "to play" list. If you don't, this won't change your mind.

Reviewed on Jan 24, 2023