Heartbreaking: The Most Annoying Game You Know Is Actually Great

going from witch queen to this feels like crashing 120mph into a brick wall. all the momentum on to (almost) the finish line gets halted so we can deal with vex on neomuna while nimbus cracks some mcu-esque one-liners. the story remains the exact same if you just played the first and last mission, the rest is strand filler. this really just has me worried about bungie's priorities when they're this close to the end of a 10 year saga. i dont think after this i can trust them to deliver with final shape. doesnt help buildcrafting got nuked all so 4 year old timmy can understand to put grenade mods with other grenade mods. i dont see myself coming back to this franchise after 8~9 years of sticking with it unless final shape really delivers. maybe the raid will be good i guess whatever. at least bungie's marketing team will get a raise cos fuck me did they do their job a little too good.
also what the fuck is the veil
update: raid is ok (environment team KILLED it tho, it's fucking beautiful), terrible contest mode. why does it feel easier than a master lost sector?

Takahashi and The Great Filtering (2017)

Metal Gear Solid 2 walked so Danganronpa V3 could run.

Torna be so fine then boom: Mandatory Community Level 4 :(