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A solid like 6 minutes of insane stream-of-consciousness esoterica but the rest of it is mostly boring incel shit.

Eu não esperava que eu fosse gostar TANTO desse jogo
Sim, as cutscenes e a história são ridículas, a câmera é complicada, as colisões são estranhas, os chefes são péssimos, ele é datado e bugado, mas ele diverte, e me divertiu muito.
Correr com o Sonic nas fases é muito divertido, isso somado com visuais espetaculares, é o visual mais bonito da série, os shows visuais com as set pieces que esse jogo tem são incríveis de ver, e com a trilha sonora animal e muito variada que que deixa tudo com esse sentimento de aventura, é um jogo que realmente te faz se sentir numa grande aventura épica, e esses elementos bons do jogo me fazem relevar todos os seus problemas.
A campanha do Big é horrível, mas as outras campanhas fazem coisas muito interessantes nas fases, e a forma com que o jogo junta todas elas é muito legal.
Sonic 3 & Knuckles é o melhor Sonic, mas esse é o meu favorito, por muito, e eu considero que é uma das melhores transições de 2D pra 3D já feitas.

Expected a fun spin-off that wouldn’t match the original games, got a groundbreaking masterpiece about economic recession, the value of oral storytelling, and the place urban tales have in our modern society as well as an extremely depthful & heartfelt character drama.

Feels like if Kikiyama and SUDA51 watched Hisayasu Satô's Muscle and decide to make a RPG maker game about the importance of moving on and themed around homosexuality.
Amazing piece of art.

mulheres me querem carnalmente porque eu jogo touhou

I finished this game months ago but I still find myself thinking about it almost every single day.
The art, atmosphere, soundtrack, rambling narration, all those sad little glimpses you get into the "lives" of girls like Mutsuki and Nozomi, the bitter hate it seemingly has for the contemporary workplace, the off-kilter sense of humor it randomly hits you with seemingly just to catch you off guard.
I love all of it even in spite of the insane twist that belittles everything I just said I loved about. Laughing at it's backhanded ending just made me love it more. After all the time I spent in this game's wildly upsetting world, I would've been disappointed to have had it leave me satisfied.

This review contains spoilers

This bit of writing contains general spoilers about MOON. (1997) i recommend completing the game first before reading.
MOON. (1997) is a visual novel/text heavy adventure game by TACTICS. The game was made by a group of people who would later end up forming Visual Arts/Key. Original Game releasing on the 21st of november 1997.
I decided to read this game because I had the idea that it would be a fruitful experience to read the Visual Arts/Key games in order, to see a kind of progression of sorts. This isn’t my first project by them though. But you can expect more posts about the other titles too!
I had this kind of expectation of how Key games would be given my previous experiences such as Planetarian, Clannad’s anime, Kanon’s visual novel and its adaptations. Though I must say that MOON. Really blows away what you might have expected from what Key is in particular known for. Moon. is a very dark horror/ero game that ends up expressing some very meaningful themes and ideas while also being very thrilling and crushing to read.
On a thematic level MOON. is about uncovering and pulling apart our pasts and finding ways to deal with them so through that we can find peace and move forward with our lives. To come to terms with the things we’ve done. To accept the wholes of ourselves. Most elements of the game heavily feed into these thematic ideas and can be grasped by most readers. It’s also the kind of themeing I feel particularly emotionally resonating. So I could feel myself get really close to Ikumi, Yui, Haruka, Youko’s stories. Dealing with your own past and coming to terms with the wrong things you might have done is something very powerful. But it’s not easy, not easy at all. The game ends up being a very hollistic experience with how all the elements end up colliding with eachothers.
MOON.’s setting mostly takes place in the FARGO building which is completely cut off from any light or outside interference besides new members and supplies coming in through its singular entry/exit path. This setting ends up defining the tone very well. Its a kind of claustrophibic sensation. The same grayish walls everywhere, the same grunts with the exact same outfits. It’s a really sensation deprived place. The actual map and “movement” mechanic we move through ends up evoking this same kind of dreadful, claustrophobic feeling as we click through its many similar halls. I’v seen writers say that this “movement” mechanic is something that is just used for “time padding” which I think is quite wrong. I think the option to move around is really there to provoke this deeper immersion in the atmosphere. I am willing to admit however that the system could have used some more bite. Some more things to check out. But again maybe that would clash with the sensory deprevation element. The way the break-out from this enclosed space is handled at the end is super cool too. Because of the long time we spent inside the building, with just these gay walls and the memories we inspect, the actual end of the game feels so gratifying. To finally touch that beautiful air again..
Of course the atmosphere is not just defined by its art direction and movement mechanic… its also really heavily defined by its music. MOON. Features a mixed soundtrack that ranges from pure piano instrumentals to heavy electronical mixes with a kind of mechanical sound to it. I feel like I really enjoyed the music and it’s so good in fact that I like listening to it outside of the game as well. Its groovy and its incredibly tense and mysterious.
A lot of the scenes have really high quality direction. A staple of that high quality direction has to be the day 12 bad end, where Ikumi is mind broken into forever staying a young child. Forever locked to that memory. In this scene there is a switch over to a kind of pastel, color pencil like image. A cg that kind of has the feel of those old postcard memories. Its soft tender and painful in that way. Many really memorable VA performances such as the doppel ikumi scenes by Ruru or the final fight with Youko scene by Kodama Satomi..
Just a wonderful game all around. I’d definitely call it one of my favourite visual novels. I had a stellar time.

at chapter 3, quite stuck wanting to shelve this because for as well written as it is, the very methodical slice-of-life it's serving is just something im struggling to stay engaged with at this moment. i see it's going somewhere interesting, and that it wants me to stay attentive with the mystery bent, but im just kinda involuntarily zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz currently, which is sad.
im not a huge slice-of-life person, and i feel like all the works ive engaged with have some level of mischief, zany antics, all that. at least some source of tension. there's some banter between the characters here, but it's very real and subdued. people carry themselves here like they would in real life, with little tension or drama, interspersed with some pretty descriptions about flowers. reading this feels like people-watching from a park bench. or looking at still-life paintings. not things im inclined to do, but understand. so it feels wrong really saying anything about this besides "its just currently not for me"

first hi-fi rush and now this dropping out of nowhere and being actually great!! i love those characters so much and the fact that you are interacting with sonic friends rather than sonic himself just makes it better! really gives the characters a chance to shine outside of the comics and for the first time since... heroes? anyway, really sweet april fools game!

Dae u ever git that wiy wen u think 'ah mate its pure class bein a sonic fan' and like 0.5 seconds later ur lit 'cannae believe it, best gaem wev 'ad since Mania and it's trapped in a cuntin' book.' Fuck sake man its shite bein' a Sonic fan.