The least amount of fun I've had in a game for a while. I don't feel like SNES F-Zero feels the best in general but filling its small tracks with 98 other people and making the core gameplay bumper carts really makes this annoying to control for me.

My favorite in the trilogy in both gameplay and story and for that its as high as it is, but I'm knocking points off because making the end to a whole trilogy of games locked behind 100 percenting an open world game is REALLY off putting and I probably wouldnt have played this game at all if I knew about that prior.

I was 100 percent the only person in my theatre to recognise the Green Goblin from this game was in Across The Spider-Verse, and I am 100 percent NOT the only person to recognise that this game kinda sucks.

Played through multiplayer with a friend, pretty fun arcadey shooter. Pretty short but fun to play through with people.

The recreations of the original G&W games are cool to have but I feel like they lost a lot of charm in the shift from LCD Games to the Game Boy, but the Mario themed remakes of all 4 are pretty fun little mini games that fit a handheld console really well as little things to spend a bit of time on every so often.
Which makes this game being Super Game Boy enhanced really odd.

As far as NES games go, this one doesn't even feel like it was even that great at the time it released. Nintendo seems to think its the best game on the system though by how much it gets rereleased.

Its no Tekken, but still a fun fighting game thats also a really impressive graphical showcase as an original Xbox launch title.
Also theres boobs, and they sure do have physics of some kind.

Played this because it came with the N64 I just ordered and I don't have anything else to play on it yet. Its not that great.
I'm probably very biased because the most snowboarding knowledge I have is all from SSX 3 but as far as I know this game is pretty realistic for 1998, and would have been a fun time for snowboarding fans at the time...but for someone who just wanted a fun game and not an aged snowboarding sim I'd say look for other games (like SSX 3, that games cool as hell)

Probably one of the most important games I played in my later childhood, but find it incredibly difficult to get back into now with all the new additions and lack of motivation to do much in it personally. But I have incredibly fond memories of Minecraft through the years, and its something that I'll always attempt to play again every once in a while.

A completely medicore platformer that visually reminds me a lot of Fantasy Zone, released in arcades earlier the same year, but as a side-scrolling platformer released after Super Mario Bros. it falls completely short.
The movement feels overly floaty, the level design feels unmemorable and uninteresting to navigate, the music feels like it endlessly repeats itself and I found it really irritating, and the boss fights being complete random chance with their rock, paper, scissors gimmick feels repetitive and would be 10 times more annoying if not for save states on emulators.
I'd say skip this one, but if your really interested in SEGA's history before Sonic: sure, go for it but I dont think anyone would blame you for for stopping after a couple levels.

A glimpse into a dark timeline where FighterZ was developed by Netherrealm Studios

Hang on I'll write the review in a sec, just checking my watch...

Its Street Fighter II, but now with understandably downgraded visuals, but nice conversions of the music/sound effects to the Mega Drive. Not a bad port at all.

Game that involves kicking shit and moving on forward. Incredibly basic, but pretty good for an North American NES launch title. Sadly never been released on any console's Virtual Console or currently Nintendo Switch Online, but I can't really say people are missing out on all too much by never playing this one.

This sure was a demo for the Steam Deck's hardware. Not the most familiar with Portal's lore but I still thought it was fine and had some nice suprises and charm for what is a hardware tech demo.
Really wasn't the first game I tried though so all this did was teach me I had to hold the analog stick for gyro aiming and how to take screenshots.