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I have played this game with a:
- Mouse
- Trackball mouse
- Drawing tablet
Each time, it was a spiritual experience. It just fucking works. On an unrelated note Yasushi Suzuki is the GOAT for this art man god damn.
Half a star docked off for no nightmare sequence in Long Island, easily the most realistic part of the previous entry. I'd say, "what were they thinking?" but to be quite honest nobody knows what the hell's even going on in both of these games anyway, and that makes it all the more better. If Nintendo greenlights a sequel I'll probably die.

Played this game for a bit and I have a lot of takeaways:
- This is the best thing to come out of the War on Terror
- This is the best mind control mechanism before or after the War on Terror
- Trillions of dollars of American taxpayer dollars should've been funneled to Rez 2 instead of the War on Terror
- Do not say "unspoken rez"

One day the sickos over at Treasure decided that it was a good idea to "make the best game ever on the most miserable console to develop for ever" and that's how Sin and Punishment was made. They also made up some crazy ass plot that you'll never understand. If you don't like it then I'm afraid you got filtered.