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The ultimate Capcom fighting game for me.

fuckin awesome. I’m not much of a big fan for traditional fighters but the tight controls and the over the top mechanics were just so awesome. It’s like every character is overpowered! And the roster was so great too. Mega Man and Morrigan were my mains. This game was so much fun I spent my entire time at the arcade just playing it.
Street fighter on CRACK.

The best fighting system for those ages, don't get me wrong but, 3D delay fighting (tekken) it's not my style so this combo system it's one of the perfect combat system for me and not BC it's easy, you can be creative with the combos start the chain with so many ways and that turbo speed fight without delay it's my kind of fighting game style.

I like this game more thna Marvel 2 tbh

Poppy playtime backpack stays on during sex

They should remake this with Bladee as an unlockable character

Act 1: Basic but well-written JRPG story
Act 2: Furryvangelion