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5 outta 7 pairs of fangs
-of the 17 characters (as of January 2023), 11 are girls. If you mainly play as fem characters in fighting games, you may be pleased with the cast. We like the magician in blue jeans, the ghost-in-the-shell nun, the shy nun, the moon princess (vampire), the vampire cat, the katana-wielding human pinball with the 40” ponytail. We like dat
-Some people are turned off by Melty Blood’s characters being dressed in everyday clothing, but we think what they’re really saying is “FULLY-CLOTHED anime girls don’t excite me.” We don’t need no sex to sell some violence lmao. The main vampire girl inna long sleeve turtleneck shirt straight stuntin on you Fashionova hoes
-there’s no fighting game we’re aware of that contains a less annoying character roster. There are 3 characters I’m almost never in the mood to fight: sigma zoner Vlov, the grappler, and the tiny girl who likes to do cocaine and kung fu. They’re not annoying because they blurt out the same annoying thing every time a certain move happens, it’s the frequently set on fire, and getting mollywopped by Miyako. I love the sound it makes when you block Vlov’s icicle projectiles 🥰
-the first Melty Blood’s OST is some of my favorite video game music. this game supposedly will be updated so OG Melty music is playable 🥵. There’s a reason all fighting game channels on YouTube use the Melty Blood Character Select theme
-the banter between characters ranges from Oscar Wilde/Anne Rice old school vampire shit to high schoolers with crushes on each other being weird.
All things considered, this is my favorite fighting game.

Reviewed on Jan 15, 2023