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yeah give me about sixteen thousand more games like this i will play each and every one of them for ten hours before i get frustrated at How Good People Are At These Games.


don't see myself playing this much in the future but i will enjoy the month and a half of irregular play it gives me.

please give me 3+4 as dlc thank you i muted the soundtrack after an hour and a half.

fairly competent daggerslike, the aesthetic doesn't really work to this sort of gameplay. it gets real busy and difficult to follow in a way that devil daggers does not even at higher level play. the spawns being static locations makes repeat playthroughs become less about mechanical skill and reaction and more about memorization zzzzzzz. what the heck, no rocket jumping? i dont know if you're a true diehard devil daggers maniac then you should probably give it a shot, otherwise... Play Devil Daggers


man, i had a pretty good time messing around with this one.

some good glidin here

the music is real great, i guess.

that was a fun ride.

half a star added for drippy

thanks to bundles and whatnot i have owned this game roughly 32 times. it's okay. additional half a star for world of warcraft-esque pauldrons

more interesting than the games it's inspired by but a bad formula is a bad formula

it's fucked up that more modern fps doesn't feel as good as this one.


probably the best build engine game?