(replay) before i start neo, still an amazing game. did all of the documents and stuff. feel like i should try the switch version sometime but idk how id feel about the different systems

this game is kinda hot ass but i think ive played it so many times i could do it with my eyes closed

(replay) i never played any fire emblem other than this but this game is like heroin

there is one jumpscare in this game

i haven’t yet encountered a sonic game with a good final boss

i own 4 copies of this game for literally no reason but its unironically really good

I actually enjoy the gameplay, and zen and rei are heart-meltingly sweet. I will criticize that this game takes a bit too long to make its point, and it’s a bit too long in general. The character interactions can sometimes be really meaningful and heartwarming, like with Kanji and Ken, but there’s also a lot of tropey shit that makes you roll your eyes. I played this game when i was in a really good place so it makes me happy whenever i think about it.

3D world is the most fun multiplayer game ever and bowsers fury would be the best mario game if it wasn’t like 2 hours long. if you don’t actually play 3D world this isn’t worth 60 monars though

i wanna kill that bitch fi but she prolly sucks my soul out definitely top 5 on the zelda blowjob tier list

I broke my fucking DS mic using a can of air to do the flute minigame because it is really annoying awesome game doe