I remember waiting for Iconoclasts to release, back when I first got my computer. I only really knew of Konjak’s flash games, but I was very excited for whatever reason. I was a stupid nintendrone back then, so indie games were a big interest I guess.

Upon replay, I have a lot more to appreciate. In terms of gameplay, while the combat and movement are a little boring, I think the exploration and the puzzles are fun. The bosses are awesome too; they’ve got really sick pixel art, and there’s great art direction here in general. Gnarly machines, dope character designs with dope powers. There’s a person that shoots different laser beams out of his eyes depending on which glasses he puts on. Love that shit.

Storywise, this is a good message about giving a shit, and caring for people even if you don’t have a reason. The dialogue is well-written, and the characters explore some serious subjects. I love the world and lore of this game as well. I almost wish there was a prequel maybe about Elro or the One Concern. Certainly doesn’t need it but it’d be cool.
I really recommend this if you like a little indie spectacle. It’s short and engaging. Reminds me why I love indies

this game fun as hell when you don’t got a bitch in your ear telling you the leveling system is awkward. skill issue

really wanna try and like these games and i appreciate the concept of wrapping the entire compilation together but i just dont like it. these efforts result in scenes with cool references at best, and making strange contradictions at worst
this continuity sets up massive changes to these characters, I feel like aerith was resolved well but I just do not understand why these changes were made in the first place.
zack however was not at all resolved, im trying not to call it a fanfiction but i just hate this direction for him. why is he a fucking dimension traveler fixing up worlds, its the corniest shit i've ever seen
anyway this game has stunning but sometimes inconsistent visuals, but it’s got great voice acting that brings a lot of life to certain scenes.
however there’s just way too much content here, i think there’s certainly issues with the speedy presentation of the original ff7 but this continuity has just been overkill, i’m burnt the hell out after this game and i don’t feel satisfied doing everything because i don’t feel like it added very much. this is usually my problem with open world video games but i feel it tenfold here with all the minigames. I dont see myself returning to this ever.

gonna take me a minute to write a proper review for this one. persona 3 is one of the hardest things for me to talk about because of how many things i love and how many things i despise. I think there's some extremely valid criticisms of this remake but also I'm convinced some of you would be unhappy pretty much no matter what this remake was

playing this game without any grinding or meticulous team building was such a great time. it sounds corny but i feel like i briefly learned how to enjoy pokemon again.

then again, this game reminds me how fucking done i am with this series. scarlet’s been rotting on my switch for months and i just don’t feel that much love for new pokemon games, which somehow makes me feel self conscious of the connection i have to 2D pokemon.
its like an abusive cycle with these games where i feel like i never wanna play them ever to shooting them up like heroin. i hope next time i feel my pokemon phase come back i have enough self respect to play some spin offs i’ve been long putting off

100% on hard for reunion, i had a good time but i don't think it really adds anything to the original. the gameplay is maybe like 10% more fun but its still crisis core so.

main complaint is my same complaint about remake and that the beautiful artstyle these games go for is so frustratingly inconsistent. some cutscenes are reanimated, some arent, some are just in-engine and look like shit, some npcs are horrible unity asset-rips and look so out of place. I'm not like an "immersion" guy but its so impossible to take it seriously

if youre not turned off by slightly worse controls please play the original. The english voice acting is way better, (whatever sick and twisted individual thought to hire live-action timmy turner for beloved character zack fair should be killed) the nomura kingdom hearts-ish models are way more charming, and its just a better experience

what if we took the really shitty dungeons from the second half of links awakening and made a whole game with them

i’m bored as fuck waiting for p3 reload that im playing 2d zeldas again this is my crack

i apologize to comp sci majors

weirdly lacks some content of other releases but it's plants vs zombies

this is kind of the best game ive ever played
prefer the og graphics but the remastered soundtrack is great

this is kind of the best game i’ve ever played