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Mar 25

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Definitely rough around the edges, particularly in the level design, but the combat here is surprisingly robust and highly fluid. Being able to switch between an enormous variety of classes from across this sprawling franchise is a treat for any fan. Your mileage will vary with regard to the character writing and plot, but there's heart to be found here.

A very tight (and fairly tough!) horizontal shooter with an ultra-vibrant coat of paint that especially pops on the 3DS hardware. An obvious labor of love, and worth the time of anyone with an appreciation for arcade shooting games. Of particular note is the endless "Link Loop Land" variant, which scratches the NiGHTS into Dreams itch that I didn't realize I had. Delightful.

As a complete package, FataMoru didn't hit for me in the same way that it's so clearly lit a fire in other readers. However, I can certainly appreciate why a tale like Michel and Giselle's strikes a chord in so many — and I came away from the base game glad that its narrative exists for people to resonate with. There are some truly brilliant points of presentation in this story, and for better or for worse, it never shies away from saying the quiet parts out loud.
I'm a bit more lukewarm on the fandisc's main plotline — and the necessity of the story it's telling, retreads and all. There are bits of that sharp presentation that are still very much on display here (a scene at the lake house from the main game, now from a second point of view, proves particularly wicked) but there's not much here to justify the length that one couldn't already glean from the main title. Inevitably, where your feelings fall on Another Episode will depend on how you, as a reader, feel about Jacopo's character.
I'm not crazy about him, myself.