honestly one of the best FE games I've played. of the modern FE games, I think it had the most memorable story aside from awakening. but -0.5 star for the social aspects i.e. the running around the monastery which got repetitive and painful.

i wanna be one of those cool kids that enjoys souls games but alas i am not. the lore sounds really intriguing but the gameplay isn't my thing at all

wished my inner voices were as entertaining.

lmk when i can romance helene

I got to the last few chapters but realised I couldn't care less about how the game ended, so. If you like the character dynamics of the main 4 you may enjoy the game but if you don't your time is better spent elsewhere

SO CUTE, OMG. Wished it were longer!

i thought it would have been a mini football manager but really everything is dependent on luck (or if there were skill involved I was completely ignorant of the mechanics, if they even existed...) and I had no idea what i was doing

I like pretty much everything about the game except for its pace, it's so slow it became a slog and at this point I can't be bothered to finish playing it