As someone who's not that big into RPGs, this game hooked me from the very beginning and didn't let go. The story and the characters are still absolutely fantastic, and while there are some things I have issue with in the game, it's overall an amazing title.

Top-notch visual novel with a gripping story and puzzles that feel great to solve. Absolute must-play if you're into VNs or puzzle games in general.

This game helped get me through a rough time in my life and of the three main DR games, had hands-down the most meaningful story to me. Excellent game.

Still the most fun I've had with an Animal Crossing entry to date, I sunk so many hours into this one and did not regret a single moment.

Quite possibly the most consistent entry in the entire AA series, this game just keeps getting better and better with each passing moment. Shame that it never got an official English release, but the fan translation is top-notch.

Incredible story-telling and consistent gameplay, as well as being the perfect way to cap off the original Ace Attorney trilogy.

One of the most breathtaking (excuse the pun) experiences I've ever had playing a video game. Must-play.

If there was any game I'd say is the greatest game ever made, it has to be this one. I can't think of another game I can go back to endlessly and play over and over again without losing any sense of enjoyment. I don't think anything will ever top this one.

This was the first video game I ever beat, and it's still enjoyable to this day. Really solid platformer with great charm and fits the SBSP universe like a glove.

This game was the first time I heard Daydream Believer. That is all