Nothing here works, it seems like this was created just to show off all the fancy new things they could do on the SNES. The directional whip makes the enemies useless as actual obstacles. That combined with the newly added fall control makes it so that you barely have to think about your actions. Most of the difficulty comes from stupid shit coming out of nowhere and knocking you into a pit and in general the level design is either bland or annoying. I know it's a new direction for the series or whatever but it's not properly designed around the less restrictive control. Obviously it looks great, the music is solid, and it at least feels decent to play. Maybe I'm being a little harsh, but I really really do not like this entry.

Reviewed on Jan 18, 2023


8 months ago

The directional whip is by far the best thing to make this game less bullshit and ass compared to other classic Castlevania games. The only one that's as good as this one is Bloodlines. The brutal design of the other classic games doesn't make it more fun nor does it make this game rank any worse just because it's not as hard
Having the single direction whip was pretty essential to how you approached the first 3 games in a way that made it very satisfying (at least in the first game, 2 not as much, and 3 I'm still conflicted on). My problem isn't that the directional whip makes things easier, but that they don't really take advantage of this new mechanic enough, considering how much of a drastic change it is. I do get why people prefer this game over the previous ones it just wasn't enough for me.


8 months ago