What an incredible depiction of queerness, youth, friendship, and religious guilt, backed by those anxious, droning synths. The true ending was beautiful and these 3 characters deserve the world. Or at the very least each other.

Nothing here works, it seems like this was created just to show off all the fancy new things they could do on the SNES. The directional whip makes the enemies useless as actual obstacles. That combined with the newly added fall control makes it so that you barely have to think about your actions. Most of the difficulty comes from stupid shit coming out of nowhere and knocking you into a pit and in general the level design is either bland or annoying. I know it's a new direction for the series or whatever but it's not properly designed around the less restrictive control. Obviously it looks great, the music is solid, and it at least feels decent to play. Maybe I'm being a little harsh, but I really really do not like this entry.

No no no no no, there's only so much i can take. Text boxes that move at a snail's pace, constant missing, status condition HELL, its charm can only carry it so far. The best part of this game was reading the 20 year old GameFAQs guides to see what all the equipment and spells did (thank you Vegita aka Eric Johnson and D_Simpson aka Dan Simpson for your hard work you did an amazing job).

The first Castlevania is shockingly well designed, not even just for the time, although it is still very much an NES game. The level and enemy design work perfectly with the slow methodical game play. Adapt or perish.

Very few games manage to capture the sense of scale, the sense of awe at the world around you as the first Xenoblade Chronicles. It just feels good to exist in this world with its gorgeous environments and roaming monsters, especially with that absolutely iconic ost in the background. The combat and character building systems are just deep enough to feel rewarding but don't go completely fucking overboard like 2 and 3. A fun, although trope filled, cast of characters and voice acting that I am fully sold on make this such an incredible adventure. Honestly not sure what the fuck was happening towards the end, the story gets kinda stupid but it's pretty fun for the first half of of the game.

jesus fucking christ i can't believe i played persona 5 twice there are so many better things i could've done with my time. i never want to see, hear, or think about anything related to this game ever again especially not the music, the music gives me war flashbacks i stg.
That aside, this and the original do hold a special place in my heart. The atmosphere of the Tokyo streets are so lively and just an absolute joy to walk through. I also love a lot of the characters. The confidant stories, as ridiculous or simplistic as some of them can be, are pretty effective (ignore the extremely inappropriate romances hahahahahaha!!!!!!). Plus the abilities you get from them help make combat more interesting. The combat is quite fun and satisfying, but unfortunately the game is too long for it to stay engaging, but at least the palaces are pretty creative and do a lot for the game. The story as a whole is a fucking disaster and I refuse to touch it with a 1000 foot pole, It's gonna give me a migraine. I just have so many conflicting feelings on this game why can't things just be fully good or fully bad, I cannot bare this inner turmoil any longer this game sucks I love it I hate it what were they thinking aAAaaAAAAAaaaaAAAaaAAAaaaaaaAAAAaaAAa

single-handedly justifies the existence of prog rock

god just, just, just, just, just angela, the last scene with angela, that's all i can think about

Cool for what it was, but the ending felt like a cop-out. There were better ways to drive the point home than a jump scare.

In my experience no game feels as good to play as Celeste, period. Pure kinetic jubilation every step of the way, where a simple yet satisfying set of mechanics lead to a hidden depth of movement that is beautiful to both watch and perform. The levels themselves are a testament to just how far a single idea can be used to it's maximum potential. Each new element introduced within a level remains relevant and uniquely implemented throughout the entire game, including the wealth of side content. Celeste is also quite a difficult game the first time around, and its overall message ties into this difficulty so well.
Madeline's story hits really hard. The metaphor here is almost comically overt (both with the mountain and Part of Me), but it's very upfront with it's themes of depression and anxiety in a really refreshing and honest way that works to its advantage. Madeline has set this challenge out for herself, not because she wants to, but because she has to. And no matter how difficult or impossible it may seem (and no matter how may times you die!), just breathe, you can do this. Celeste in unequivocally perfect.
In conclusion, trans rights!

i need to go back in time and kick younger me in the head for thinking "survival horror doesn't seem like my kind of genre so i'll never try it" shut the fuck up what do you know you still think you're a boy. also this is one of, if not THE, best video game ost i've heard in my life holy shit, i cannot stress enough how excited i am to play silent hill 2.

i love gundham tanaka so much it's unreal, the greatest thing this series has ever produced easily. also komaeda is the most "literally me" character out there hahahahahaha. the story is a disaster lmao

A bittersweet little game exploring the last moments of a dying world. It's more than just 1s and 0s.