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Great golf game but okay everybody's golf game. Switch isn't really helping here with long loading times and mobile interface. Wish they made a better port of an apple arcade game but oh well. Now where is EG8?

Difficulty and bad loading times kill this game (pc release would benefit greatly). Nice music tho. Now please Nintendo give us a new Kururin game!

I understand critics would say it's a bad remake of an old game, but honestly, it's just how modern thotd games are: Scarlet Dawn feels similar. And as far as a remake goes, it captures original greatly, it is a mostly faithful modernization of its original. What I like the most are bonus features, which add more to the game. Thought, why wouldn't they add original OST as an option (the renditions are alright, nothing to say here). Why not include Sophie or G2/Rogan2 skins as bonuses, which were in the old PC release. Heck, why wouldn't they add the original arcade game, even as an emulation, as a bonus. It could benefit this release greatly. Still, nice game. Not bad, not amazing. The voices are the same B-horror movie tier as the original. New designs for creatures are meh for my taste, but I enjoy how they made monsters punchable and you even get points from it. So yeah, an alright game for newcomers and a nice game for fans, would love this team to remake the second game