This is one of those chinese plattformers, which looks quiet nice, has an ok level design, some interessting mechanics, but totally lacks any polish in regards of physics. One jump button, always the same the jump. No small jump, no slow or fast jump mechanics, no regrabs. No run or ducking mechanics. Nothing. This makes the game quiet easy as a plattformer, but also boring, as you click only one button the whole game. That's a very common issue in many chinese 2D-plattformer, and I hope the developers some day starts studing games like, Super Mario World or Celeste.
Some other technical issues. The german translation is utterly useless. It's just a very bad machine translation. Nothing makes sense, not even the first screen. Not that any dialogs are needed to play the game, but if you are kind of interessted in the story of the game: Learn english or chinese. Can't say anything about the other languages, but i wouldn't think, that they are any more usefull than the german. Such a shame. As the game doesn't get updates anymore, there is no hope, that it will be fixed in the future.
Aside from that, this game has one major technical issue on PC. No V-Sync support or anything like it. If you don't lock your FPS in settings of your graphic card, this games takes every frame it gets and runs with like 800 FPS on modern hardware, which is kind of stupid and just waste of energy.
Can't really recommand this game, as it has so many flaws, but if you are lucky and catch this game in sell for a small bug, well enjoy the game. It's not that bad.

Reviewed on Jan 29, 2023