I havn't played any God of War Game before, and just started playing the classics to complete the whole series.
To be fair, this is a quiet funny hack and slash. I really like the difficulty and the mix of puzzles and fightings.
I had a good time and now really look foward playing the next games.

I don't get this game. 20-30 hours of doing exactly the same. At least it's kind of fun and beautiful to run around in historic London. Still, the gameplay is just boring.

Surprisingly good brawler. I like the SoR 4 inspired artwork.

I love the original, and really enjoyed the remake.
Didn't like the english and german dubs, so I changed it to japanese and played with subtitles.
Played on Steamdeck and PC. Steamdeck work works just fine - but quickly kills the battery

Awesome throwback to the old turtles Beat'em ups.

This is, by far, the worst Diablo ever, but propably an above average mobile game. The story is meh and skipable at best, the game mechanic feels antiquated and like the game should have been released five years earlier. On the other hand, the game is constantly nudging you into buying stuff... One of many resources is always missing. You don't need to buy anything but than the grind becomes totally repetitiv and boring, as you are only allowed to progress in the story, if you reched certain levels. One main Diablo Features is missing: A Procedurely Generated World, instead the user gets random dungeons, without any meaning for the overall storyline.
I played the game on an Android handheld and on PC. I prefer the handheld version. On PC the game still feels like a mobile game.

Funny and good brawler. I really do not enjoy the color palate at all, but the gameplay is good. Multiple Characters, each with an individual story-line, multiple endings, everyone has different move sets. Difficulty is ok once you get the games quirks.

Full-Guilty Non-Pleasure Idle Clicker. Lovely graphics, enjoyable references to other stuff, but completely senseless and just a cash grabber for the developers.


Nice side-scrolling action plattformer. The game is ok, but very short. Speedrun and boss rush included. Fun for an hour. The soundtrack is really awesome.

Today I learned, that there exists an Gameboy version of SF2. It runs in like 15 FPS, but stills is a very fun version and runs surprisingly good.

Every once in a while I come back to this game for a quick playthrough on normal and hard mode.
It's a bit sad, that Nintendo never recycled any of the themes of the different worlds of this game. In the Mario Universe, everything is quite unique, except the first apperence of Princess Daisy.

Lovely little platformer in the spirit of Celeste, Super Meat Boy and Kaizo Mario Romhacks, super charming and original.
Each level is a one screen precision platforming challenges to rescue the kitty (Save the Animals!). Beautiful artwork and the soundtrack is a banger.
The difficulty is a little all over the place. Hard levels are followed by easy ones and vice versa. But the game never became repetitive thanks to a wide variety of obstacles. I hope to see more!