Interessting Action-Plattformer with some neat ideas. Liao Tianding isn't just a fictional character but historic persona. I enjoy going back in the time of early 20th century Taiwan/Taipei with all the cultural influences from China and Japan.
The level design is quiet ok, I somehow enjoy this weapon stealing mechanic, which is mostly known by Beat-em-ups. The boss-designs are very good. But by far the best part of the game is the visual presentation. The Art work ist just nice. I also enjoy the quality of the translation (checked german and english), which isn't a given by many games from China or Taiwan.
The one thing I didn't like was running around in the City, speaking with characters I don't really care for. Felt like a waste of time until watching the credits.
It's by far not the best game ever, but a solid plattformer. Got it on lunar-new-year-sale on Steam.

Remember the times. When Kirby couldn't get the abilitys of the enemies and was white.
Finished it today again. Nostalgia.


This is one of those chinese plattformers, which looks quiet nice, has an ok level design, some interessting mechanics, but totally lacks any polish in regards of physics. One jump button, always the same the jump. No small jump, no slow or fast jump mechanics, no regrabs. No run or ducking mechanics. Nothing. This makes the game quiet easy as a plattformer, but also boring, as you click only one button the whole game. That's a very common issue in many chinese 2D-plattformer, and I hope the developers some day starts studing games like, Super Mario World or Celeste.
Some other technical issues. The german translation is utterly useless. It's just a very bad machine translation. Nothing makes sense, not even the first screen. Not that any dialogs are needed to play the game, but if you are kind of interessted in the story of the game: Learn english or chinese. Can't say anything about the other languages, but i wouldn't think, that they are any more usefull than the german. Such a shame. As the game doesn't get updates anymore, there is no hope, that it will be fixed in the future.
Aside from that, this game has one major technical issue on PC. No V-Sync support or anything like it. If you don't lock your FPS in settings of your graphic card, this games takes every frame it gets and runs with like 800 FPS on modern hardware, which is kind of stupid and just waste of energy.
Can't really recommand this game, as it has so many flaws, but if you are lucky and catch this game in sell for a small bug, well enjoy the game. It's not that bad.

This game is surprisingly good.
Gameplaywise it's a chinese version of Hades. The main game is quiet easy and should be a fast playthrough, but the game has a ton of post main game content. A lot of stuff to unlock, higher difficulties, the free DLC adds a nightmare storyline and an endless, with more random stages and adds even more stuff to unlock.
With all the later updates and additions in the post game it's a good rouge-like, more on the easy side (compared to Hades or Enter the Gungeon), but a fun playthrough.
[Edit:] After playing a lot more of the game, the game at some build suddenly turns into something that feels like Vampire Survivors. Enemy Spam, endless amount of damage numbers on screen and just guessing what's happening. I don't really like it. To bad, I really enjoyed figuring out all the diffrent builds. At this point the game became kind of boring.

Played this one in the Capcom Arcade Stadium 1, where it is only available under it's Japanese title:
Powered Gear - Strategic Variant Armor Equipment
Seriously a solid arcade Beat 'em Up. I love the mecha theme, the artwork is wunderful, an the game mechanics are fairly interesting. You can pick up limps of beaten enemies and make them your own weapons.
At any time, there isn't to much bullshit on screen. The final boss aside, the game feels very fair. I think, if you play more sessions of it, you can get good in this game quiet fast.

Lovely minigame, that is doing everything right: Cute characters, beautiful artwork, interessting game mechanics, good level design. hard mode, boss rush, speedrun mode. I like the references to other game characters as well. had a fun playthrough.

Not a particulary good Beat'em Up, but I could totally see my younger self sitting in an arcade, throwing coins in the machine to beat this game.
This game has everything, starting from dragons, over giants, mummies, people riding dragons, a black knight, evil wizards, skeletons a princess and no story. And of course, rediculous enemy patterns. Fun for an our and about 20-30 coins.
The Game mechanics are way to simple. Attack, Jump, thats it.
5 diffrent characters and up to three player coop for the perfect chaos on screen.
I'll propably never play this game again, but at some point revisit the SNES Port.
Played on Capcom Arcade Stadium 2.

I like the main game, the story telling, the fighting system, the back in the day new try on a leveling system, the new interpretation of materias (compared to original FF7) and so on.
But man, I couldn't care less for the mission system and the fact, that this game throws an endless amount of useless items at you. Just an aweful game mechanic. It's not even a difficult grind, because at some point you simply get to strong - even on hard difficulty. Aside from that: Awesome game.
Sitenote: Played it on PC, Steamdeck and Steamdeck on TV via Dock and everywhere it runs like a charm.

(My Steam Review)
TL;DR: Play River City Girls 1 before this. It's the better game. If you really enjoy part 1, maybe part 2 is something for you. It's just the same.
I love RCG 1. I speedrun it for quite a while and was super excited about the second installment of the series. I'm not completely disappointed in what we got, but this games has some serious quality issues and lacks some attention to details.
But the good things first:
- This game is what most people want, the same as part 1, but more.
- I enjoyed returning to River City, the overall reinterpretation of the city is nice.
- The soundtrack is very good again (I love the basketball theme)
- New characters, new move sets, fine-tuned fighting system. Everything perfect.
- New enemies are ok.
- Some minigames are fun.
- Online Multiplayer (although not tested yet) is a nice addition.
- Even more Crossover references to Double Dragon made me lough so hard.
- I played on PC and Steamdeck and everything just works.
Here are the issues I have with the game. (Let's not talk about the FPS thing, because this will be fixed in the future):
- The story started well, but fell flat at the end. I couldn't care less for the story and the ending at some point in the game.
- Most of the side quest are just boring. Collect some 22 fluffy whatever here, collect 22 whatever there. Make some selfies.
- All Boss Fights (except maybe the first one) are boring as hell (In really enjoyed the boss fights in RCG 1, as they are more creative and challenging) as in RCG 2). Here the fights aren't balanced at all, the enemies are missing funny or surprising attacks or any nice details. Except for "more bullets and faster" there isn't any real difference in the different phases during the fights. What also bothers me: The "opening VERSUS screens" are just a cheap quick and dirty work and missing the attention to detail which we got in part 1. This makes me just sad.
- The lack of attention to detail in present all over the game. Of course, we get a hell lot of reused sprites in this game. I'm fine with it. But man, I really don't enjoy some of the super stupid color pallets some enemies have.
- Revisiting the city is nice, but some changes to the city layout are strange. While exiting the Aquarium in Part 1 results in entering the hotel, now you end up on the beach at the weightlifting area? Why? Again, just some details got wrong.
- Hell: The credits and the credit sequence are a complete mess. Ugly as hell, what even is the art style here? What are those fonts, why is everything so fast. You should celebrate yourself at this point.
- I hate some of the new voices of existing characters. I'm too used to the original voices of part 1. (Sorry to you folks, still love you)
- White subtitles during a black-and-white comic sequence are not readable! ;-)
- Please fix those loading times. A game like this shouldn't have so many loading zones. This has to be improved. And man... these loading screen this the super huge text are just ugly. Please fix this (although I enjoy the loading-fighting-sprite thing)
- The German localization is all over the place. At some places, the text just runs off the screen.
In the end, for me, this game fells rushed for a release. Just one or two more rounds of QA and this game would be so much better. Most of my issues are solvable, but at this point I strongly recommend new player to start playing RCG1, if they have never played the game. Part 2 is just more of it, but in questionable quality.
To those who love Part 1, enjoy part 2.

I havn't played any God of War Game before, and just started playing the classics to complete the whole series.
To be fair, this is a quiet funny hack and slash. I really like the difficulty and the mix of puzzles and fightings.
I had a good time and now really look foward playing the next games.

I don't get this game. 20-30 hours of doing exactly the same. At least it's kind of fun and beautiful to run around in historic London. Still, the gameplay is just boring.

Surprisingly good brawler. I like the SoR 4 inspired artwork.

I love the original, and really enjoyed the remake.
Didn't like the english and german dubs, so I changed it to japanese and played with subtitles.
Played on Steamdeck and PC. Steamdeck work works just fine - but quickly kills the battery

Awesome throwback to the old turtles Beat'em ups.

This is, by far, the worst Diablo ever, but propably an above average mobile game. The story is meh and skipable at best, the game mechanic feels antiquated and like the game should have been released five years earlier. On the other hand, the game is constantly nudging you into buying stuff... One of many resources is always missing. You don't need to buy anything but than the grind becomes totally repetitiv and boring, as you are only allowed to progress in the story, if you reched certain levels. One main Diablo Features is missing: A Procedurely Generated World, instead the user gets random dungeons, without any meaning for the overall storyline.
I played the game on an Android handheld and on PC. I prefer the handheld version. On PC the game still feels like a mobile game.