i never finished the game, so i never even saw the final level until many years later. maybe that was a good thing...

i haven't recovered since i found out members of the dub cast also did voices on the Arthur cartoon

literally the only thing i remember about this game is that it taught me the phrase "milf"

this game made me cry because a blacksmith missed his mom

my heart is just full of so many feelings. i have a crush on so many characters (and one literal statue)
i'm also not over Riku's voice just being Like That

oh you know this game is not good.
it gets a bonus half-star for being one of the few games my non-gaming mother has played of her own volition. incredibile.

a unique experience. I wish I could see more of Ray and Reyes.

i'm sorry i got this game just for Killer

this is the only FF game I've ever cared for

this was the first Animal Crossing game I got to play as a kid. Marina moved into my first town and became my favourite, and then my little sis Deleted My Save just to make her own town.
my favourite thing about the game was pushing villagers together to make them have conversations with each other.

this game tortures the player with an overly-detailed mole tunnel.

you get to be a goose and cause trouble around a sleepy village. what more do you need?