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Diaries of a Spaceport Janitor
Diaries of a Spaceport Janitor
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Kentucky Route Zero
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Mar 27

King of the Castle
King of the Castle

Mar 24

Every Grocery Store Has One Product That Binds Everything in a Unified Energy
Every Grocery Store Has One Product That Binds Everything in a Unified Energy

Mar 09

No More Heroes
No More Heroes

Mar 07

Citizen Sleeper
Citizen Sleeper

Mar 03

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How to fix this intolerable present of history with the naked eye? We have seen that in the moment of the emergence of capitalism the present could be intensified, and prepared for individual perception, by the construction of a historical past from which as a process it could be felt to issue slowly forth, like the growth of an organism. But today the past is dead, transformed into a packet of well-worn and thumbed glossy images. As for the future, which may still be alive in some small heroic collectivities on the Earth's surface, it is for us either irrelevant or unthinkable.

I would argue, however, that the most characteristic SF does not seriously attempt to imagine the "real" future of our social system. Rather, its multiple mock futures serve the quite different function of transforming our own present into the determinate past of something yet to come. It is this present moment—unavailable to us for contemplation in its own right because the sheer quantitative immensity of objects and individual lives it comprises is untotalizable and hence unimaginable, and also because it is occluded by the density of our private fantasies as well as of the proliferating stereotypes of a media culture that penetrates every remote zone of our existence—that upon our return from the imaginary constructs of SF is offered to us in the form of some future world's remote past, as if posthumous and as though collectively remembered.

- Fredric Jameson, "Progress Versus Utopia; or, Can We Imagine the Future?"

There are certain directions in which you cannot go. Choose one in which you can and move as far as you want.

- Samuel R. Delany, "The Star Pit"

This review contains spoilers

it really is impressive that i liked this as much as i did amidst the reworking/interpolation of some of my least favorite stuff from disco elysium

original version seems to be mostly abandoned by the creator (not that it demanded improvement but the site certificate was expired for a while) but not only works for daily/generating random ones but crucially adds multiplayer (the main way i play it, doing a few in a row with the group chat is a fun way to shoot the shit)
unlimited did recently add a feature that includes plurals/conjugations of guessed words (can be disabled in solo, always on in multiplayer) which i have mixed feelings on—it's def a nice quality of life feature but it can def work a little too well, giving related words you likely wouldn't have guessed otherwise (e.g. "wrought" from "work")