Trying to broaden my video game horizon inbetween playing a ton of JRPGs. Also a big fan of farming sims and monster tamer games.
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Nov 05

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Copied my steam review:
Wow, what an incredible and fun game. I haven't had a game grip me like that in a long while. The mystery is very intriguing to work out and the game gives you a lot of moments to make you piece the ongoing threads together on your own and the pay-offs always feel very rewarding. The character writing is really charming, I loved the Tetsuo & Erio and Harue & Richter duos especially. There's a lot of heart in the mysteries, the heartfelt moments and the comedy too. I really hope we're getting another Paranormasight

Just copying over my steam review:
Ghostpia is a wonderful story about learning to cherish your friends despite your world weariness. I just finished this game, and it was an incredible ride. Everything about this game is amazing: the visual presentation, the music, the characters, the writing. There's a lot of heart in the exploration of Sayokos struggle to find her place in the world. She tends to get very negative, but gets quickly pulled out whenever her friends are around. It's very sweet seeing that dynamic evolve over the course of those 5 episodes.
I also really appreciate the great english translation work. The dialogue is definitely my favourite part. The game is in my opinion at its best when the characters' interactions bounce off of each other with their funny remarks and witty observations. Once they get going the scene really starts flowing, and that's both in thanks to the writers having a great grasp on who the characters are and the amazing translation transforming that writing into really enjoyable scenes.
I highly recommend this game. It's a real treat

Copied from my Steam review:
A really well written story with interesting and sympathetic characters and gorgeous art. While rooting for the supposed antagonists the game even got me to like the main character despite disliking him for the longest time. It's a mark of good writing, steering your perception around like that. Going for all the endings feels absolutely worth it, but I do recommend using a guide for it.