I enjoyed this game a lot although i didn't think i would. At first I just wanted to get it off my backlog but i really got into it. The missions are really fun and have a lot of ways you can approach them. I was never bored and while the story is kinda meh, same thing with the protagonist, the gameplay makes up for it. This is a great stealth game and a great sniping game.

50 hours in 5 days speaks for itself

Name any other game where you have a dance-off against a trash can, an ATM and a penis mushroom.

Got this game free on Steam a long time ago.
It was fun but very repetetive and simple. One thing that got me through it was the fact that it was Ninjago out of all the lego titles. I don't think i would have finished the game otherwise but i understand that it is meant to be like a fun party/coop game that you play with a mate so it logically isn't as enjoyable solo. Still a nice throwback to when i was a little baby playing those LEGO Indiana Jones games with my brother


Dusk is definetely one of the games ever made.
I absolutely love boomer-shooter games and this one has got to be one of my favourites. Everything in this game is super cool and well done and refined and put together with care and love and just amazing. Most of the levels have their unique asethetic (except for Episode 1 levels some of them blend together) and offer something new. You never get bored of Dusk. The enviroments are beautiful and the levels are never too maze-y where you get lost in them and have to backtrack a lot. The bosses are a 50/50. There are some good bosses some bad bosses and some amazing bosses (so more like 33/33/33 but that doesn't sound that good).
The achievments for this game are also really fun. The one for finding all the secrets and killing all enemies can seem frustrating at first but as i said earlier the levels are never too complicated to navigate so your chance of missing a secret or an enemy is very low. And the most important thing regardin achievments. While Dusk does have multiplayer (Duskworld) it does not have multiplayer achievments so thank you David for this blessing.
Dusk is a must-play for any FPS fan not just boomer-shooter fans.

While being a very short and very easy game it has it's charm.
The characters have great personalities and they are all goofy as hell. What more do you want? Some of the jokes are so bad that they are actually good and had me giggle a little. I let out a tiny bit of air once in a while you know.
Buuut as i said earlier it is a very short game at around 1 hour (can be even less if you don't care about the dialogue as much) and is very easy. Might aswell call it just Frog cuz there's no detective-ing to be seen. But that doesn't mean it isn't fun OKAY? Buy it. Play it. Enjoy it.

Let me start by saying this game could easily be like 5-10 euro and still be worth every penny.
This was first immersive sim game i've played and i must say it was a very pleasant. The dev himself said this game is a test project for a full High Entropy title and it definetely shows (not in a bad way of course).
It is a fun and short experience that both immersive sim veterans and beginners can enjoy. The achievments are also great and force you to explore the levels and find different solutions to finishing a level.

I think hitting your ballsack with a rock over and over is more enjoyable than some parts of this game but other than that it's somewhat good.
I had this game in my Steam backlog for maybe like 5 years and i started it like 4 times but i gave up every time because damn is this game hard. But not "Dark Souls" hard more like those "intentionally unfair 2d platformer games" hard.
If this game didn't have such a good soundtrack and art direction i don't think i would've finished it all the way.
Slain isn't a bad game it's just kinda meh.

Another game i had on my Epic Games account that i finally decided to play and it was really fun.
This game is a pinball-dungeon crawler-puzzle game hybrid and it works suprisingly well.
The game can spike in difficulty at certain points but it's nothing too drastic. Also in the beginning it can feel like you're doing the same dungeon over and over just with different color scheme but trust me it gets waaay better and more interesting.
I 100% completed this game in 5 hours so you have no excuse to not play it if it is also in your "free epic store games" backlog.

I got this game for free from Epic Games Store and after some time decided to finally give it a go.
And i must say this game is a good metriodvania it has all the things a good metroidvania game should have and the combat system is very fun and good, even the graphics and the scenery is very eye-pleasing but it just didn't hit like other metroidvanias like Hollow Knight, Cave Story or Blasphemous.
I really really wanted to enjoy this game but it just didn't click with me.

The fact this game is free is a crime.
Bloody Hell is a fusion between Enter the Gungeon and metroidvania styled world building and it works wonders.
While being fairly short (took me 4,5 hours to 100%) it's still worth giving a shot. You won't be disappointed.

I was hungry for a game that could satisfy my thirst for a good metroidvania (after beating Hollow Knight and waiting centuries for Silksong) and oh boy did this game hit the spot.
I was aware of this game for a long time but never really got around to playing it (which was a big mistake). One day my friend suddenly hit me with the "yo, you heard about blasphemous?" and i was like yea i know about it's existence and since that day he wouldn't shut up about how good the game is and how i need to buy it which eventually lead to me no-lifing this game for hours every day.
The setting and the catholic/gothic scenery is very aesthetically pleasing accompanied by the amazing pixel art.
If you liked Hollow Knight you will 100000% like this game aswell.
psst hey! i think you should go for 100% completion in this game it's very fun

I absolutely loved this game. The combat system while being super hard to get into (especially for souls fans) is some of the most fun you can have in a videogame. Every clang, every goomba stomp, every mikiri counter, every umbrella deflect is just sooo soo satisfying to hit.
Even without the build variety of souls games i think this one is maybe the most replayable FromSoft game just because of how addicting the combat is.
Also the achievments felt really good to get even tho there are for example: 4 for each ending (meaning you have to beat the game 4 times) or the one for getting all skills and prosthetics which might sound tedious at first but i can't stress how good it felt to go through all the achievments, through all the endings and getting all the prosthetics. It felt like it was part of the game instead of something you can get if you are a completionist i think the game kinda forces you into doing all this stuff (but not in a bad way tho) simply by how fun it is.
In short:
I love sekiro and i want to give Miyazaki a big kiss on the forehead for making this game.

I grabbed this game when it was free on steam some time ago and i recently gave it a try. I wanted to give RTS games a try for a long time because i never really liked them buuut i didn't manage to get into the genre. I might just bee too simpleminded for such games.

Didn't really enjoy this one. While i don't dislike older graphics i think the original game is just a little too outdated and it didn't really sit with me. Might give the newer version a try tho.