I don't understand the appreciation and popularity of Zelda/Switch games. I hear everywhere that it is a legendary masterpiece, that it is at the top of all the games in history, etc. I tried to start it three times and my record was two and a half hours, after which I just fell asleep from boredom. It feels like I'm controlling some f*ing Peter Pan in ridiculous green tights, you can beat all mobs by pressing the same single key, the puzzles are made for three years old kids. In short, even the Genshin is much better: the meaningless is about the same, but the game is 100 times more beautiful and you can run after cute anime girls. I really don't understand what's good about this zelda. I heard praise for the open world, but I think it's just ridiculous, ahahahaha. It's just some boundless green meadows where there is nothing to look at. Comparing it to normal open-world games is ridiculous. Look at this zelda and then rdr2 or witcher, lol, yes zelda looks like a dandy game. even gothic is much better than this s* zelda! And I couldn't notice any plot for the hours I spent on this masterpiece, frankly, I don't get it at all.