I really took my time with this one, thankfully, this game is really easy to pick back up after awhile despite its complexity as a strategy game.
I really enjoyed it, the difficulty was pretty well balanced and the story and characters were quite charming. Such a great game that I will definitely play post-game for a while too!

What a fantastic experience, it took me a bit less than 12 hours to complete on my first run, the exploration was top notch and well built for handheld. The puzzles and progression was fantastic. The metroids are fun to beat and when you get their patterns you feel great. The added bosses are pretty good, a few comebacks and a great new boss. All of them with great level of complexity, all of them took me quite a few tries to beat, but man did it feel good once I did so. I loved it.

Absolute fun, still playable online due to the wonders of emulation

This game truly left a mark on me, everyone should play it as unspoiled as possible.
Thankfully I was completely unaware of its true intentions, all I thought of it is that it was some fun parody, but its much deeper than that, I am glad I went blind on this one

This is my favorite game of all time, I really love it, there is no other RPG with such a well-paced story and characters you grow to care about. This is a true masterpiece that should be played even by those who don't care about retro gaming or the JRPG genre

This is one of the best games I have seen, when you take into account the format of it being a game on the go, which helps excuse the hand holding. It turns out to be almost as open as the bigger Super Metroid if you want it to be. A really exciting journey that makes the original story playable for newer generations