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the japanese title of this game is "Circus Drive" and I can't think of a more apt title as you really have to be a clown to be playing this
THIS is how you follow up Auto Modellista??? The whole two biggest selling points of Auto Modellista was the online multiplayer and the stylish cel-shaded aesthetic, and this game has forsaken pretty much all of that. While that game is a mid racer bolstered by its cool style, this is just a mid racer. Kusoge, and not even in the endearing sense. Things start fine enough as at low speeds things are controllable, the visuals are alright, and the amount of cars to collect is vast, but the higher up you go the more the cracks show. The game somehow manages to feel both immensely heavy AND immensely slippery without much leeway in how to actually get your got damn car to do the got damn corners properly, and the AI racers chase you with aggressive rubberbanding and like to ram into you as their cars are made out of adamantium whereas yours is made out of cardboard. I can't recommend to anyone outside of the morbidly curious... Espeically on a system with as many banger racing games as the Xbox, you are much better off playing something else.

Solid vertical shmup. Aesthetically the 194X series isn't really my biggest cup of tea seeing as I'm more of a cute-em-up preferring goblin. Lots of big mechanical setpieces to blast things through and honestly the enemy/bullet placements and patterns are pretty engaging even to novice shmup noobs like me! I didn't even really mean to play this all the way through I just picked the first game on the list on one of the capcom arcade compilations and was engaged enough to see it through to the end. yeehaw

While this game is likely more notable in the general gaming public for being "the game that came with your copy of jet set radio future", it's basically sega (and microsoft) giving a response to Gran Turismo 3. Probably as a way to get back at ol Polyphony for absolutely trouncing the first Sega GT with Gran Turismo 2. Ironically it kinda has the same problems as GT3 in terms of pacing, where due to the fact that there's no used car dealership it means if you blow your credits on a car you end up not liking then it's back to the grindhouse for you, pig. Once you earn enough money to get some good cars though, it's all smooth sailing. There's a whole second season after you beat all the races the first time over, but it seems like its more of a bonus thing that doesn't really give much payout unless you REALLY wanna do every race. Overall it's a pretty decent sim racer and I enjoyed my time playing it. Can't wait to transfer all my progress here to Sega GT Online for when that game gets its online back up!
what do you mean progress doesn't transfer