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"You know, Persona 5 looks pretty cool, but it's like 100 hours... I don't have that kind of time to spend on something like that. I'll get around to it eventually I'm sure, there's a lot of praise behind that game and I've still got so much else to get around to..."
Joker Steals the Show!
"Welp! Time to play persona!"

I don't think I was the only person that had that exact thought process when this character was announced. Despite what a lot of anime fans might believe, the persona series has always been moderately underground in the grand gamersphere especially in the west. To go on a quick side tangent here I think that there was some paradigm shift sometime in the mid-2010s where anime stuff started gaining more widespread international traction instead of being a more niche subculture for a specific group of people. Whether that's due to stuff like the internet allowing for easier access to anime through streaming sites, people already having an established interest in Japanese media through growing up with existing things like pokemon/dragon ball/whatever the fuck else happened to get localized on television in the 90s and 2000s, as well as the return of many Japanese game series to their roots after spending pretty much the entirety of the 7th gen chasing western markets and trends, or some combination of everything above, anime had become cool. Like, I have pretty much lived and breathed video games my whole life, and it wasn't even until sometime in like 2015 had I even heard of the Persona series, and the only thing that stopped me from giving it a shot after having heard of it was each games incredibly long runtime. Joker being announced for smash was pretty much the push that I needed to go from passively interested in the series to "oh my god I've spent over 500 hours playing these games already", and given how many other people have felt the same, releasing joker in smash brothers at the time they did could not have possibly been a better time and place to grow the persona fanbase.

But what about the actual character himself? So for the smash ultimate DLC, most characters have been given some kind of gimmick or extra mechanic to them for some reason. With joker, he has a "rebellion gauge" that functions as a meter which builds over time and grows when he gets damaged. When the meter is full, Joker's persona Arsene activates which gives additional damage to pretty much his entire moveset. He also can gain meter by using his counter, because this is smash ultimate and of course everybody has a got damn counter. TBH I think that it would have been a cooler and more suitable mechanic to have each of his special moves tie to a different persona given that the persona protagonists have the wild card and each of the personas could work as a way to tie Joker as more of a general SMT rep than just a Persona rep (my hee homeboy jack frost doesn't even show up for so much as a taunt...), but what we got is cool enough I guess. There certainly isn't any fuckin rebellion gauge in the persona games, I'll tell you that much. Joker also has a grappling hook for his Up-B which I remember being kinda weird because iirc he didn't have that in vanilla P5, where they instead added that as a thing in the Royal rerelease. Apparently he's pretty damn decent competitively, but by the time this guy dropped I was so far removed from playing smash even remotely seriously so I wouldn't really know (expect this to appear a lot in the following smash DLC reviews) Also, Joker can give kirby a realistic gun if he's copied, so can't say his moveset is too horrible.

I will say though that the added popularity of Persona through joker in smash is a somewhat double-edged sword, as I think people think of the series in a much different way these days than they did back when before this release really served to open the floodgates of newcomers, alongside the extra ridicule and scrutiny that the series and fan community gets after becoming so big. Maybe I'm just in the wrong places though, so who knows. What I do know is that these past few months I've been playing Persona 3 for the second time through the reload remake, and I have this exact character release almost 5 years ago to blame for that.

mementos is kind of a lame stage, though it gets brownie points for having P3 and 4 themes.

Man, remember the fuckin grinch leak? Some dude on the internet claimed to leak the final roster of smash ultimate which contained characters like the chorus kids, geno, isaac, and banjo-kazooie, among others. I don't really remember why people thought it was a credible leak, but it was convincing enough and had a rhythm heaven character in it so I was in full support. Soon enough, there was a smash bros showcase that was going to unveil the final characters for the base game, and I was certainly excited for the potential to see my next rhythmic main under the special smash spotlight. I ended up somehow managing to oversleep past my alarm and the presentation, and all i saw in my feed once I woke up was just a big red firey cat and a plant staring back at me where the leaks broken promises should have been. I really wasn't even mad, just confused. From the buildup to smash 4s release to its DLC characters to smash ultimates release, the smash speculation and rumor hype train had become an unstoppable juggernaut as people on the internet fought 24/7 through mental gymnastics trying to rationalize who could be the next inclusion, and piranha plant basically exists as an act of spite against it. This is a character that quite literally nobody asked for, as the thought alone of a minor mario enemy that doesn't even have a fully defined body having a whole smash moveset is too absurd for anyone outside of the most ironic memelords wanting everything and anything in smash to think up.

As a character, it's pretty okay. Considering there's a lot of different piranha plants in mario games that work as different obstacles, there's actually a decent amount of stuff to pull from for its moveset like poison spit, stretching out for long attacks, and shooting spikeballs. It's not a character that's going to break the meta of smash as we know it, but also not a completely thoughtless joke character. To be fair, I really have no idea how to really play effectively as plant so when I get it on random I just try to do the big stretchy move a lot because it's fun to use.

I remember the subsequent reaction towards the plant was a lot of ironic praise as people joked about being in the plant gang, but once they found out how inoffensively standard the character was most plant gang members weren't loyal and bailed. The joke of putting a seemingly minor or unfitting character or object in a major role is always pretty amusing to me plus this was a great way to get back at the overly speculative hype train crowd so I really can't say plant was a bad addition to the cast.

One thing that I forgot to mention in this whole smash DLC retrospective was the fact that during Lucas' reveal, they announced the Smash Bros Fighter Ballot, which was a website designed for players to submit requests for whichever video game character they would want to see in Smash Bros. (for the record, I cast my vote for a rhythm heaven rep, and that dream went unfulfilled :C). The actual results of the ballot will forever remain a mystery apparently as a way to prevent harassment towards other game companies for whatever highly-requested characters didn't make the cut, and there are plenty of smash conspiracy theorists out there that believe the ballot was a hoax and didn't matter, but I genuinely think that the ballot was used as a way to garner particular interest for certain characters both in smash 4 and especially ultimate. Like, Ultimate didn't have such a cracked roster of newcomers, assist trophies, and mii outfits for no reason, yanno? Bayonetta was the final character for Smash 4, and was touted as being the highest-ranked character on the ballot out of "reasonable choices" worldwide. I def think bayonetta being the most requested character is a bit strange personally given the fact that while yeah she's def a cool character from a beloved series, it's really not like she's one of the most iconic characters in video games the same way previous picks like Cloud or Ryu are, yanno? Maybe the fact that Bayo 2 was a Wii U exclusive meant there was more of a spotlight on her at the time that boosted her popularity? I'm really not sure, but honestly as a character I was fine with her inclusion, smash needs more girl characters and bayo had a lot of potential for a cool moveset!

...maybe too much potential...

So as a fighter, bayo in smash 4 is highkey cracked to the point where she absolutely broke the game. So like, smash 4 is already a pretty floaty game compared to the fast-paced groundedness of something like melee, and that's kinda why characters like Little Mac, while cool conceptually, end up actually sucking hard because the nature of platform fighting is really about who can platform the best with good air mobility. Smash is also pretty distinctly different from most other fighters in the fact that "true combos" (followup moves that are inescapable for your opponent) are reasonably few and far between compared to traditional fighters where every combo is "true". Bayo has both cracked air movement by means of having her side and up special moves work as vertical and horizontal air dashes that can be used twice, as well as high combo potential that utilizes said mobility in order to turn a single hit into a devious death ladder. She also has a counter that forgoes reflecting damage back at the enemy to instead put them in a slowdown state where they will pretty much eat a mostly or fully charged smash attack head-on. By the time that she released, I had slowed down on my serious smash playing due to burnout and the competitive nature turning me into a horribly toxic person irl, but I still saw firsthand how absolutely busted bayo was compared to the rest of the roster. It makes sense for her to be a very mobile and combo-heavy character given that she comes from a stylish, combo-heavy character action series, but jesus fuck. Despite her busted nature and late release though, I really never played as her all that much as I still stick to playing as pac-man or random, and she got nerfed to being kinda mediocre by the time ultimate rolled around. So it is written.

the umbra clock tower stage is cool, the setting is interesting, there's little to no bullshit, and the music bangs fierce.