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A Story About My Uncle

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Games a bop, play it. It is easier than other FromSoftware games, but still has a lot of amazing challenges that remind us why we love souls games. The world is beautiful and vast, though repeat bosses and dungeons can break immersion, especially after you run into a magma wyrm that's been crammed into an arena half the size of its original one as filler for a random dungeon as if they expect the fight to function the same way. That being said, it's because the rest of the game is so fun that you begin to pick up on the very few things it does poorly. Wholeheartedly recommend as a starting point for people who haven't played/enjoyed the previous Dark Souls games (I know it's not a Dark Souls game but yes it is lol).

The SOMA rabbit hole of a story is one worth exploring. This game is terrifying, beautiful, fascinating, and fun. This game was the most fun I've ever had in the horror genre. I recommend this experience wholeheartedly.

Badass game. Boring story but gameplay compensates 2x over. Plus the cover art is really cool