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I will admit that I came in with a kind of expectation that it's a bit of a meme game, often heard be it called the poor man's grisaia. Even still I tried coming in hoping maybe I'd be surprised.
And boy was I surprised.
Never have I seen a more exploitative prose that treats its starring cast as math problems to be solved, complete stand ins for real mental issues that feel less like honest understandings of PEOPLE and more like caricatures to be toyed with. Everything about this prose SCREAMS awful, and no amount of unintentional 4chan brain worms excuses any of it.
Don't ever read this mess.

a game that tries to tackle serious issues like child abuse while also simultaneously having several panty shots of someone who is canonically 15 years old

A glorification of childhood abuse and generally super gross. I would never recommend this game to anyone.

this happened to my buddy Lardo

The plot is.. abysmal. And that's pretty much all there is to the game because it is largely just a choose your own adventure with pretty graphics.

david cage games turning into a train wreck is as inevitable as you disappointing your parents

I love Yard Work Simulator 2016. I married Shane because I felt bad.

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