so boring it cured my insomnia <3

kinda like eating plain white bread but maybe with some good quality butter

"child abuse is awful and can have lasting psychological effects :( proceeds to graphically sexualise 12-15 year olds"
also one of the supporting characters literally admits to being a pedophile and the main character (who is 15 years old) thinks that his openness on the subject makes him attractive. Um.
feels trivial to mention this after listing those uhh, flaws, but the controls SUUUUUCK and the story is mediocre at best. the only saving grace of this game is that it fills in some of the gaps of sdr1&2, and it made me like toko more than i did before. Um. Anyways. probably don't play this

watched my big brother play this on gbc from start to finish when i was 4 years old. played it on my own several times after that as a kid and a couple times again as an adult. very special. simple story, simple gameplay, but really hits the spot, and the music was 10/10. still great in 2020

gens 1 and 3 reign supreme imo but this was the very first video game i ever played and completed by myself as a kid and i cherish it dearly for that reason.

graphically stunning, pretty music, a lot of fun moments for sure, combat system was fine. the story went off in some odd directions for the sake of expanding the original which again is like... fine, i guess. the voice acting was mediocre and threw me off tbh. no judgement to the cast, they all seem brand new - just not sure why you'd hire amateur VAs for such a high profile game, (especially since they literally have prolific VAs doing additional voices) but whatever. my main gripe with this game is that every single minor boss battle was absurdly, tediously long. idk, overall it was fun, not bad. didn't feel like the original ffvii to me but maybe it wasn't supposed to. i'm not quite getting the hype but maybe i need to play it again.

1.5 because it has some good minigames. the board game aspect is awful.

not really a game, but it's an interesting idea that's fun to play around with.

bitter about this game because i spent the entirety of my fortnightly allowance on it when i was 8 and it was fucking shit