Along with Motorsport Manager Mobile series, the best management game for racing fans who are not that much into micromanagement.

Hilarious if you're on your 30-40s, but still WAAAY too grindy. What a shame, there's not many games like this.
Do anyone remember "El Bruto"/"My Brute"? That was the real shit and this is the closest you'll get.


I needed to play with my boyfriend to finish it, only 12 years after buying it on release day on Steam and getting stuck. I'm bad at puzzles idk.

Amazing gameplay loop that sadly gets repetitive way too soon.

Same structure than the prequel but with a few changes and a more focused storyline. It's nice to see how much the studio grew up from one to another.

OG Hammerwatch, but with the replayability it lacked. Simple as getting some frens and begin to blast hours and hours. Waiting now for the release of Hammerwatch 2, let's see how it goes.

Nice lighthearted autoscroller RPG. It can be completed with no issue going full F2P, though if you want the best weapons in the end it gets a bit grindy.

Simple, yet fun and entertaining co-op dungeon crawler. I see how it can be not-so-fun when played alone, but with a few friends it's a certified blast.

A cute Action/Adventure RPG that takes some traits from Minecraft, but turns it a full adventure RPG with story, quests, stats, equipment, crafting, and most importantly for me, an actual ending.
I can't remember binging a game this hard for many, many years: My SO and I played more than 30 hours in 3 days to beat the main story and had a real blast. We were really lucky to have found this on holidays, because we stood awake until 6, 7 and 5AM respectively. 🤡


Blanc is what it is, a little, kindhearted, playable storybook made to be experienced with another person, especially your SO or children. As so, you shouldn't expect any complex puzzle or even a mean twist in the story, perfect for a relaxing and cuddling time.
Sometimes the camera gets a little crazy and you might face an isolated puzzle or jump with weird hitboxes, but nothing that breaks the experience. With a length between 1 and 2 hours, it's the perfect game to beat in a rainy evening with your partner, period.

Such a cute and heartwarming experience. In a sense, it made me think of those first hours on BOTW where you explored a whole new world at your own pace without any limit, discovering stamina upgrades that ables you to reach new (figurate and literally) heights. Plus it's really a short one if you go for the ending, but you can go back and forth completing small requests that helps its world to feel more unique and alive.

Best Infinite Jest reading simulator.
(There are some funny programming jokes too)

Idle RPG done right. The perfect mix between a Pokémon RPG and an idle game. No IAPs, no prestiges (at least that I know), no endless, pointless bullshit. Addictive and enjoyable.