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When Golvellius was released, it was considered to be the Zelda of the Sega Master System (even though it originally first appeared on the MSX). Indeed, it is an adventure game featuring a swordsman and features a top-down view most of the time.

The graphics are beautiful for the system, the music is quite catchy and there are some interesting design choices, like the side-scrolling and top-scrolling dungeons.

Those were the positives.

Everything else is atrocious. The controls are stiff, the puzzles are insane, the difficulty level is from another world. Even with a rewind mechanism and abusing save states, this is an absolute nightmare to play nowadays. Some bosses take up to fifty hits to die even with the strongest weapon in the game, what the hell is this?

Boy, am I glad I did not own a Master System back in the late 80s because I probably would have picked up Golvellius. Stay away. There is no good reason to play this in 2024 or later.

Could not find the appeal. I went underwater, got bored. The general lack of direction was more confusing than intriguing. I don't care about craft. After a few hours, I decided this game was not for me.

This is my first Call of Duty since the original COD4: Modern Warfare. Which, at the time, was my first Call of Duty, ever.

Black Ops III was given away with the PlayStation+ Essentials sub and I thought I'd give the Campaign a try (as a Quake player, I've never cared for Mutiplayer CoD). I was expecting it to be at least a fun six-to-ten hours ride.

Needless to say it was a massive disappointment. The scenario at first appears convoluted, but when you reach the ending you realize it's as dumb as can be. I assume the people who wrote this are proud of themselves and think they are clever, but I can assure you, "It was all a dream" (and I wish I was fucking kidding) is not the homerun they believe it to be.

So the story sucks ass, what about the gameplay? Well, it's as generic as can be with a tentative intro of wall-running (that is literally only ever useful in the tutorial mission that explains you how to wall-run), of techno-magic-powers that end up completely forgotten throughout the rest of the campain, and weapons that are so generic they are boring as fuck. Namely, an assault rifle, another assault rifle, a shotgun, and a sniper rifle. You have to choose your loadout before every mission, which means you'll never ever fucking choose the sniper rifle to not risk getting stuck with it when the incoming mission involves close combat. Sometimes there will be loadout crates during the mission which give you a chance to alternate weapons, but they'll only ever be useful once you realize you could use a better weapon for a very specific area of the level, otherwise you'll stick to the assault rifle because it's the most versatile of your options. Don't make the mistake I did and choose the shotgun because there are very few times when you'll have a chance to shoot enemies point blank.

I've suffered from frequent stuttering while playing this game on a PS5. It is also entirely unable to Quick Resume and I had to force quit the game to start over from a save every single time.

It's utter garbage is what it is.