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This really changed my life when it first released. An epic memorable adventure to find the lost kingdom of Shambhala, with some incredible set pieces and a cast thats just special to me.

Once you get past the initial janky segments and awkward controls, the game becomes so much fun. The Darkness combines its use of gunplay and unique abilities into a blend of gameplay that remains enjoyable throughout. However, it is not without its faults though, since certain elements of combat and traversal were definitely outdated. With that being said, The Darkness did a lot to make up for these problems in other aspects.
As for the main reason why I like this game so much, the style is amazing. The grimy atmosphere perfectly accentuates the underbelly of New York's crime world, and the changing settings establish a harrowing reality for Jackie. Similarly, the melancholic music adds to this feeling, which both contrasts yet fits what is happening on screen at times. Lastly, I can further overlook some of the flawed mechanics present due to the touching story and its poetic ending.

As soon as I heard it was the same map, I knew this was gonna be disappointing. Its basically BOTW + garys mod. It took them 6 years to add garys mod to an already existing map. Sure there’s some QOL changes, new enemies, yada yada but it’s not enough to justify a $70 price tag and a 6 year wait. Majora’s Mask did more in barely 2 years. Im sure it’s just as good as BOTW but I cant be asked to play the same game 2 times in a row. A new map, drastic change in tone, and additions that don’t feel like gimmicks would’ve compelled me to keep playing this. Also the 10/10s across the board goes to show Nintendo is buying out reviews.

Capcom I love you, they really made one of the greatest games ever, even better. This was everything I ever wanted it to be.

An intriguing strategy/puzzle game with a pretty interesting meta-narrative. I don't typically play games like this, but it took me by surprise with how engrossing it was.
This is worth playing with an open mind, even if you're not used to card games or rogue-likes.

One of the most innovative and unique games I've played.
Tackles absurdism in an interesting setting with a challenging depth of gameplay and a story that genuinely rivals other mediums.

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