i smoked indica at school ina. stall then i got home and bought this and then i made hatsune miku and urotsuki and a Cum milkshake

I looooovoveee this game the <3 gameee everr rgaeme gmaengamndjfahjejhdmnscx,cklas.,x :3333

so much fun eve n funner if youre on adderall

this puts the LOVE in lovecraftian !!

this was fun but the CAMERA WAS SO FUCKY but it was fun sonic the adventures ne hoes on his AFVNTURES

i didnt get it at first but i think thisis art the game

weakest danganronpa game with weakest ending and weakest art

VERY relazivng gameplay.. i love mix the dirnks !! andd getting the story.. so fun.. what a cool story. i own boss and kill stinfray plush:)

the best mainline danganronpa game ver y fun feel to it and cool cast of characyers

kino the game but some lines were so corny