A top-down, 3D action-adventure game with mechanical influence from Dark Souls, 2D Zelda Games, and puzzly-adventures like Fez. I got the Green and Red keys.

The dungeon design feels souls-influenced but the combat (outside of bosses), while having souls-y mechanics, has the kind of fluffiness of 2D zelda combat. I don't mind it, but it did feel a little repetitive after a few dungeons (killing enemies tended to have an ideal strategy, and there weren't many puzzles or other types of challenges to spice up the dungeons like in Zelda games). Finding secrets around the world is fun even after they started to feel a little repetitive (I found myself hugging walls a lot or throwing bombs).

Being able to reference an illustrated manual was really neat, although I found flipping its pages to be a little nauseating. I did find navigation/orienting myself to be a bit tricky, since the top-down view makes it hard to remember where landmarks are (one of the disadvantages when comparing top-down vs traditional 3rd person 3D)

Great music and sound design!

Reviewed on Mar 28, 2022