A quiet and disarming point-and-click-style adventure game. I like how it combines different kinds of playstyles - reading books of poetry, looking for birds, solving a cat mystery, painting pictures, playing computer games and learning 'facts' on the internet. There's a nice sense of humor underlying everything and it's a calming adventure to play. I got to the main ending but haven't done the stuff after (my score was at around 60%).

I feel a lot of Bitsy engine energy in this game too - the layout of the flea's areas and the dialogue triggers, the splitting of the game into small square screens.

Being able to switch between Tux and Fanny on the fly is really nice as a solution to the backtracking these types of games tend to have. I felt the walking speed could have been a tad bit faster, you hold down walk a lot and my thumb got tired after a while.

I think the best moments are finding a surprise set of rooms you didn't think to find, the art style changing, then reading some short, poignant text somewhere, little bits of a weird history behind the backyard and forest the two protagonists inhabit.

It's a calm game about appreciating little moments. Liked it a lot! (And there's a whole web series to watch as well)

Reviewed on Apr 20, 2022