Very nice art and some funny humor with the useless crafting results. Remarkably hard to progress in without a guide - you have to craft stuff like torches to make your way further into the game, but it's often unclear what exactly needs to be combined. The process is often trial-and-error, and worse, you can craft a useless item like a baseball bat, which makes you lose the items...

The loop of the game involves managing hunger, thirst, health and fatigue. It's quite perfunctory to manage most of these. Thirst is extremely boring: you can fill a water bottle 3 times or drink from a river. Hunger is not much more interesting: you either have to grind for a piece of meat, then grill it, or eat berries. Fatigue limits how much you can explore to a few minutes, unless you have berries.

I didn't find balancing any of this to be very exciting or fun to manage, most of the time I was cutting my exploration short by having to attend to a system. And then there's health, where you get murdered instantly by night pigs or something.

I'm not very experienced with the survival genre but this doesn't seem to be a great representative of it!

On the plus side though, the general progression of the game is a nice, cute adventure game. Finding the 7 shape gems to restore some magic ship, and apparently there's a dating-esque part to the game where you find another kid? I didn't get there yet.

Reviewed on Jul 22, 2022