A playable but fairly flat multiplayer game prototype with randomized levels and equipment. Historically this is interesting as it was both indie and embodies various randomization elements that have become so popular in recent years in the roguelike/lite genre.
I think the level design and combat fundamentals are weak. Spatial layouts and enemy movements and damage are unbalanced or don't mesh well with the movesets. You often spawn into a room of enemies either with little way of approach, or that deal a lot of damage. The knight's sword range is strangely small, the archer's extremely far/powerful, the mage's flame attack has a short range. Everything drops money but shops are rare. Etc...
That being said it does have this janky charm to it. The way you can throw items at NPCs or to your teammates, the little red enemy that comes to kill you if you loiter, etc.
And the multiplayer is still pretty fun simply because there's someone else going through it with you. At its best it feels like some instanced, early 2000s MMO with grindy combat. As a single player experience there's not much there, not much drama or excitement to the flow of the levels except for enemies growing in power.

Reviewed on Nov 01, 2022